Gareth Morgan FC (aka the Phoenix) eye smaller venue

Having insulted virtually every Phoenix supporter, it seems Mad Gareth Morgan is left with a hard core of 1,000 according to the Dom Post:

“The Welnix consortium has had talks with Wellington City Council about downsizing from the 34,500-seat stadium and shifting to Newtown Park, which has 1000 seats, no floodlights, and limited parking.”

I called it right last Thursday when our answer to Sir Alex Fergusson invoked his novel marketing tactic of calling Phoenix supporters thick just for wanting them to win a game.  When Morgan said on Radio Sport that a “more attractive, possession-based passing style, was required for success in the long-term”.

I said:

“No, not if you a). Not have any fans, b). right-size to a public park to fit attendance and c). have decent players avoiding your LOSER team like the plague.”

It turns out Option B was right on the button according to the Dom Post

Because Newtown Park (which is beside Wellington’s pathetic excuse of a Zoo) has little in the way of facilities, will Gareth Morgan add ‘corporate bludger’ to his titles of Orca feeder, cat killer and Phoenix cheerleader?  It seems he has decided to cut off the bogans from the Hutt Valley as supporters given Newtown Park isn’t the most accessible place, even by public transport.

But since Morgan wants everyone to cough up the cost of the Egregious Taxation Sham (ETS) he’s a huge fan of, I have some questions for New Zealand’s foremost expert on anything and everything:

1.    Do you personally, or your sporting teams, voluntarily pay the Government the ETS on international flights given overseas travel is ETS exempt?

2.    Do your teams (Phoenix and Hurricanes) pay the real cost of Westpac Stadium rather than the ratepayer subsidised price?

3.    When you do relocate to Newtown Park (or a smaller venue at the rate you are going), will Gareth Morgan FC pay the cost of installing grandstands, lighting and parking, or do you expect Wellington’s ratepayers to underwrite millionaire owners and their hobbies?

4.    Heard of ‘market forces?’

Maybe, the Phoenix is proof you can make a small fortune out of professional sport, so long as you start with a much bigger one first.

And just think this is only the A-League. Wellington’s sporting fans must eagerly await what this savant will do to the Hurricanes.


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  • Morrissey

    While many of us might imagine some of the Hurricanes’ more forceful players might pick Morgan up and dump him in a drain if he turned up and tried to intimidate the coaches at a practice session, sadly the likelihood is that they will just do as they are told.

    We have seen soccer fans speak out loudly and intelligently against this ignorant, conceited ass; I doubt that rugby fans would have the integrity to do likewise.

    • David

      And your evidence for this inane comment is…

      • Morrissey

        Sorry? What was inane about my comment?

    • Agent BallSack

      I agree, but please refrain from Americanizing our sport by calling it soccer. Football is the correct term for the game, only Americans can not discern between American Football and Football proper. Cheers!

      • Morrissey

        You forgot to mention New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Japan and Korea. In all of those countries, the Association game is called soccer.

        In New Zealand, of course, football means rugby football.

        • BigD

          In New Zealand, football means soccer, hence why the national association is called NZ Football and the national league (prior to being renamed the ASB Premiership) was known as the NZ Football Championship. The rugby union used to be the NZRFU but the F for football was removed some time ago and it is now very old fashioned to refer to rugby as football. In the other countries, the associations are named Football Federation Australia, the Japan Football Association and the Korea Football Association. Canada is the only one which uses soccer and this is clearly to differentiate from American football

          • Morrissey

            “Old fashioned”? Says who?

            Your other points are, strictly speaking, correct. But the reality is that in Japan, the game is called sakkaa, a transliteration of “soccer”. Nobody there calls it “football”. And nor does anybody in Australia, despite the 2005 ex cathedra decree of Australian soccer boss John “Possumhead” O’Neill.

            The NZRU executive is, and was, a small bunch of chumps who, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, care little for the players, the fans or the traditions of the game. The decision to remove the “F” was as inexplicable as it was undemocratic—they never consulted any football fans about it, that’s for sure.

  • Sym Gardiner

    Please don’t let Gareth near the Breakers!

  • David

    Who cares? The Phoenix are on a par with the Auckland sporting franchise the Warriors. Both organisations are over-hyped and promise much but neither deliver. Both teams under perform and get far too much media coverage.

  • Bob

    Who trusts a person who writes about motorbike travels with pictures of shocking roads the bikies apparently rode down; but in reality never did.

    • parorchestia

      Didn’t they? What a shyster. Love Whale’s definition of ETS!

  • Rodger T

    It pay for Gareth to stay away from the races, former Phoenix owners don`t fare to well there.Might not be a good place for the current one.

  • Gareth Morgan is a sociopath
    People are now noticing that he is just a hair lipped palate deform who knows everything.
    Just before the cat kill he announced that we should have a Capital tax where we will redistribute 2% of all capital in New Zealand every year. Thats everything you own or thought you owned every year, to be given to Green party.
    Thats not capital gains where you collect once, this is capital tax where you collect every year.
    The PM called him barking mad, apparently referring to his inability to speak well and his loud mouth

    go here to see the fun