Gareth Morgan never had this in mind

Mad Gareth Morgan wouldn’t have thought this might be a consequence of his cat killing ways:

Details of how a man killed a kitten then placed its remains on his former girlfriend’s bed caused an audible gasp in the Nelson District Court.

Abraham Zacharia McIvor’s angry rampage on the night of January 10 ended with him stomping on the head of the seven-week old kitten, beside which he placed a note warning his former girlfriend she was next, the court heard.

McIvor, a 25 year-old labourer, admitted yesterday wilfully ill-treating a kitten causing it to die, intimidating and assaulting his former partner and a charge of wilful damage. He was remanded in custody for sentencing on March 4.

Meeanwhile his son at least has a sense of humour: 

I haven’t noted any lefty outrage over that comment, imagine if John Key had made it.


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  • LesleyNZ

    They also eat dogs – and they skin dogs alive in China – probably do the same to cats – and they cook the feet of chickens – while the chicken is still alive. Watch out that they don’t eat “economists” in China. We would like Gareth back here in one piece. Just saying…………

  • Annie218

    Silly’No Tax’ Sammy – does he think China is a good example of how animals (bears, birds, sharks, tigers) should be treated. And is his father eating cat, I wonder. Just saying!

  • Hazards001

    A kitten? Obviously Abraham has issues…couldn’t the limp wristed ponce find a horse? That’s the correct “Your Next” statement…kitten….pffffft…the pussy!

    • Lopsy

      I eat economists and rich pricks who lecture others about their social responsibilities. Just fucking saying….

      • Hazards001

        Ya wouldn’t enjoy me too much then, I’m a digger driver…sorta :-)