Geddis on Bain Compo Grab, Fisher was right in his review

Andrew Geddis comments at NBR in an article by Rod Vaughan (paid content) about the compo grab of David Cullen Bain:

?The cynic in me thinks they thought that the case against Bain was so clear that anyone who came in to look at it was going to give them an answer and they could make it go away.

?I genuinely think that [former Justice Minister] Simon Power thought Binnie was going to come back and say ‘he?s guilty, you don?t have to pay him’.

?And when Binnie didn?t do that, that?s when the fur started to fly.”?

So should Justice Binnie feel aggrieved at the way in which he was treated?

?Binnie?s report had major flaws that Fisher identified and I think Fisher was right. So I don?t think Binnie could feel aggrieved that cabinet has chosen not to follow his advice.

Bain deserves nothing, he is simply the lucky recipient of a concerted public relations campaign by Joe Karam to clear his name and in the process smear the reputation of a dead man who cannot defend himself.