Global Warming is biting hard in the UK

I wonder what the Poms think about global warming that is sweeping down on them at the moment:

Meteorologists have warned that the bitterly cold weather sweeping Britain may last for weeks as a disturbance in the upper atmosphere keeps temperatures low.

As the hardest hit areas enjoy a respite from snow today, and ice becomes the main danger, experts say this wintry blast is the result of a phenomenon called sudden stratospheric warming — and they warn that its effects could last for up to a month more.

“This is a major event in the stratosphere, and it’s driving the cold weather,” said Adam Scaife at the Met Office.

“The lower stratosphere will be perturbed for weeks, and it’s pushing the chances of further cold and easterly winds well into February.” 

Further sleet and snow are expected in the east and south-east of England on Sunday, although the rest of the country will be given a chance to recover.

The deepest cover yesterday was 10.5in at Lough Fea in Londonderry, and the lowest temperature overnight had been minus 4.3C (24F) in Edinburgh.

The main risk is now from freezing conditions, said Frank Saunders, chief forecaster for the Met Office.

“Although some further slight snowfalls are likely, the focus switches to ice, with temperatures staying below zero over snow cover for many areas,” he said.


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  • Mr_Blobby

    And here we have DonKey down south announcing that he would be happy to fund climate research. What research could he possibly fund that is not already being researched. Note that all this research is funded by Governments trying to justify there carbon TAX.

    • kohibruce

      Depends – is the proposal to provide funding for the religion or for the science?

  • Clarence

    The transparency of the mainstream media is constantly undermining any residual trust in the ‘science’ of global warming. Every hot event (Australia, USA) is climate while cold events (UK, China) are merely weather.

    When cold temperatures set records, the press finds some ‘expert’ willing to say that the cold is being caused by the heat. That strains credulity beyond breaking point.

  • klem

    I realize Oz has a carbon tax now, but NZ does not as yet. Perhaps NZ can sell itself as a carbon tax free zone, and compete with Oz for foreign business investment. Just like whats happening in the US between California and neighbor Texas. California has a carbon trading scheme, Texas does not. People and companies are leaving California in droves and relocating to Texas. Texas is out competing California.

    If NZ gets a carbon tax like Australia, you’ll lose that competitive advantage, you’ll also look like you’re following Australia like sheep. Plastic Ozzies.