Greens are the same the world over

via Andrew Bolt

The world over Green Taliban are happy to lie if they think it will achieve their aims. In New Zealand the green taliban milked the MV Rena grounding mercilessly. Greenpeace were caught out lying about sea bird deaths, Gareth Hughes claimed the beaches were ruined forever…it was all lies and mis-truths..but all for the good of the green taliban cause.

Now the Aussie green taliban is split about whether their scam that destroyed the value of an Australian company was fit and proper. Apparently not all Greens MPs agree it is fine to lie and cheat people out of their savings to push their agenda.

THE Australian Greens are split over a hoax that temporarily wiped $300 million off the value of Whitehaven Coal.

Greens leader Christine Milne has said the action was part a long and proud history of civil disobedience.

Her colleague Lee Rhiannon congratulated activist Jonathan Moylan, who issued a bogus press release purporting to be from the ANZ Bank and which said the bank had cancelled a $1.2 billion loan facility for Whitehaven’s Maules Creek project in northwest NSW. 

But another Greens senator, Sarah Hanson-Young, says the stunt was not something she would encourage.

When asked whether she supported Mr Moylan’s action, she told Sky News today: “I wouldn’t be encouraging people to go willy-nilly and taking this type of action.

“I understand why it was taken, I understand the frustrations but don’t encourage others to do it.”

They lied, wiped millions off a company’s share value and now they are defending the lying because the greater cause was more important.


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  • Michael

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander – a press release from the “Police” announcing the arrest of the Aussie Greens Leader (no the one in Aussie) for fiddling her taxpayer funded expenses.

    • Dion

      Yes imagine the moral outrage and cries of “right wing conspiracy” if that were to happen.

  • Simo

    Sue the bastards

  • J.M

    I must say I don’t rate National’s performance in their 4 years in government that highly, c+ would be the mark I would give. That said, I will continue to vote for them as the idea of Russell Norman et al in government scares the fuck out of me.

  • Patrick

    Sue the fuckers, chase them to the ends of the earth & make them personally financially liable for the losses they have caused. These assholes cannot go on damaging people & companies without being held responsible.
    If I was to do similar without being wrapped in a “green activists cloak” I would be in the big house picking up the soap.