Hand in what remains of your man card Farrar

David Farrar, has already had his man card torn up because of his whinging about a hurty heel is now moaning about a sore arse after a little bike ride.


For a start…Ron Jeremy never makes love to anyone…he fucks them, hard. Secondly why on earth would you admit to this lack of testicular fortitude… 

He needs to hand in the torn remains of his man card so it can be fedd…twice…through a shredder.


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  • Alex

    Just a question: how the hell did he know about Ron Jeremy? I had to google to find out who this guy was. Mind you, I’d always suspected Fararr would have a “library”, his type always do.

    If this is some Fruedian slip by Fararr in revealing his dark side, all I can say is that is “nasty, boy, real nasty”.

    • Travis Poulson

      He’s only been around for several decades. I knew who he was without even having seen his movies. An ugly bastard with a massive cock. (apparently)

      • Alex

        Ihe things one learns. I was born in the late 70s, so looking at the photographs of him, I was lucky to be ignorant for so long.

        • Travis Poulson

          I admire your ignorance, I only wish I’d had the same :)

      • Rodger T

        Ha,ha Travis, (apparently), nice save.

    • Tristanb

      Ron Jeremy could suck his own penis. Ever man should know this fact.

      • starboard

        So can I…but I dont…

        • Lofty

          So can I, and I do. So there. ;-)

    • The Real Fozzie Bear

      If you don’t know who ‘the hedgehog’ is, hand in your mancard.

  • cows4me

    It’s probably hemroids, to much fine living.

  • tarkwin

    Perhaps he should put the seat on.

    • Alex

      Suspect from the “made love to me” comment, that doing so would reduce the thrill.

    • dotcom

      Tarkwin, that reminds me about the one asking how you fit 4 fudge-packers on one bar stool.

      • dotcom

        You turn the bar stool upside down.

  • Mark

    “Made love”. God Farrar what a poof you are

  • Lion_ess

    By my reckoning there were no remnants of man-card left after his wearing the lavender blouse with bell sleeves and gathered front, worn for parking-fail photograph.


  • Pissedoffyouth

    Was he gentle, when you experienced him Farrar?

  • Dave

    Aha, the real questions. How is the Bike? Who did he go on this “ride” with??

  • Patrick

    Read between the lines – Farrar is putting it out there that he is “open for business” looking for a man to give him a reach around.

  • spollyike

    It is just soo obvious in the way he posts on his blog, the stances he takes on issues, his reactions to issues, his comments on his personal life….this guy is GAY, so GAY. Not sure if he has a wife (if not i rest my case), she must have worked it out by now surely! Either that or he is the biggest mangina out there!