Harry talks frankly about shooting up bad wogs in Afghanistan

Harry, or Captain Wales as he is known has given a frank discussion of his time in Afghanistan:

Prince Harry should be commended rather than criticised for his unfiltered reflections on his 20-week tour of duty in Afghanistan as a co-pilot gunner on an Apache helicopter.

Rather than hide behind euphemisms or portray the mission as a high-minded, essentially humanitarian exercise, Harry (who goes by the nom de guerre Captain Wales) freely admitted he’d killed Taleban fighters and likened his battlefront experiences to playing video games.

While his comments have been predictably deplored, I’d suggest he performed a public service by reminding us of the brutal reality of war-time soldiering.

He’s a professional soldier, as opposed to what many monarchists would prefer: a pretend soldier acquiring gold braid and giveaway ribbons to go with his other entitlements, while leaving the nasty, dangerous job of engaging the enemy to commoners. And a soldier’s job is to kill or facilitate the killing of the enemy.

Correct…it is the job of soliders, or in this case combat helicopter operators to make sure as many bad bastards die hard as possible in order to keep our guys safe.

Notwithstanding the apparent desire of successive governments to transform our military into a sort of uniformed branch of Volunteer Service Abroad, Harry has reminded us that its core function is fighting.

Of course the enemy sees their job in a similar light, hence the saying “kill or be killed” or, as Harry put it, “take a life to save a life”.

Judging by the reaction to the deaths of five of our soldiers in Afghanistan last August, some Kiwis appear to believe that being killed while on active service in a war zone is like being flattened by a runaway hay bale while going for a walk in the countryside: a desperately unfortunate freak occurrence.

The other widely expressed view was that our soldiers shouldn’t have died because they shouldn’t have been in Afghanistan in the first place. That raises the question of what would constitute a just war, a cause worth sacrificing lives for. There are those who give the impression that they would object to lives being put on the line for anything short of resisting an invasion by P-crazed cannibals from outer space.

This mindset reduces the armed forces to a purely ornamental function.

I can’t believe I am reading this in the Herald..but there it is, a frank account of the panty-waist attitude of the hand-wringers…and the reality of war from Prince Harry.

It has to be said that Harry’s reference to video games included an unfortunate choice of words: “It’s a joy for me because I’m one of those people who loves playing PlayStation and Xbox, so with my thumbs I like to think that I’m probably quite useful.”

Well, quite, your highness, although perhaps “joy” is ever so slightly unseemly in this context.

But again, in his gauche way, Harry has put his thumb on it: the further removed from the death scene the killer is, the more warfare becomes virtual combat.

There is joy in a job well done.

BONUS VIDEO: 2 Apaches Engage a Group of Taliban fighters setting up to ambush a U.S. special forces patrol.


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  • rouppe

    I think you’ll find that the first video has been shown to be two Reuters journalists being killed because the Apache crew thought the telephoto camera lens was an RPG. Consequently the van was just someone trying to help…

    • blazer

      spoil sport….casting doubt on propaganda for the chattering classes.

    • Don’t hang around in combat zones with thing that look like RPGs…good lesson…they certainly wouldn’t have been on our side.

  • ConwayCaptain

    At least the family of the Head of State do their duty and join the forces and serve not like Bush who hid in the National Guard and the rest of the bludgers.
    In the Royal Family the Queen served in the ATS in the war, her Father served at Jutland, her husband had a distinguished war record and was at Matapan and ger 2nd son was in the Falklands

  • thor42

    Good on him!

    I didn’t see the cowardly Bin Laden (or the Taliban head Mullah Omar) in the front lines.

    If Mullah Omar reckons “martyrdom” is so great, he should try it for himself.

    • blazer

      did you see Blair or Bush in the front lines fool?

      • Travis Poulson

        Blair and Bush don’t promote martyrdom.

        • blazer

          thats debateable!What did they promote?

  • steve and monique

    Good on ya Harry,keep up the good work.

  • Contractor

    You need to check your sources instead of blindly believing the YouTube tag. The first clip is clearly doctored on the audio track. This engagement took place in Eastern Baghdad on the outskirts of Sadr City in early 2008. No British forces were involved, it was an engagement by troops of the 2nd Battalion,16th Infrantry Regiment of the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team,1st Infantry Division. The British voice has been added, perhaps for effect who knows. As soon as you see the BUA it is obviously Iraq not Afghan. Interestingly yes it was a film crew,the “RPG” was a camera set up so very unfortunate but war is hell. More concerning was the only survivor pulled from the van post engagement, a very young child with serious injuries as you can imagine, and the adult and child who were killed also, they were in the house unfortunately. It has been generally accepted this engagement was a terrible mistake, and in particular the van occupants may have actually just been trying to do the right thing.Again,war is hell unfortunately and believe me this shit was going on every day through 05-07, there’s just no movies to glorify it.
    the royal family is a load of crap, but give Harry his dues he speaks absolute sense in his comments surrounding the morality of his role whilst deployed. And this article was thankfully a realistic view of the world in which we live.

    • It is a video fo a helicopter attack…nothing more nothing less….oh and it was 14 minutes long

      • Contractor

        ….It is a picture of a fire appliance. Nothing more nothing less.?..