Has Maxx hired the Herald’s sub-editors?

Certainly looks like it.




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  • ConwayCaptain

    Since they stopped teaching English Grammar in the schools standards have dropped. Now we have teachers in the profession who cannot spell or write properly. Even if they use a spell checker they have no idea of the right word to use.

  • dotcom

    None of them are exempt. On last night’s TV1 news at six, Manurewa was a suburb of Wellington which had a scrub fire.

  • Gazzaw

    Don’t get me going on the literacy of signwriters or those who provided the copy to them. The standards in this country are appalling and getting worse. Why is it that I can go to Singapore or Hong Kong and struggle to find spelling errors when technically English is their second language? Check out the Straits Times or the South China Daily Post online and compare them to the Horrid if you doubt that.

    My favourite and most universal signwriting error in NZ is ‘Tennants cars only’.

  • Hazards001

    It’s not like you could find one in five employee’s in Council or Auckland Transport that had English is their first language anyway.

  • Heh….at first I thought this post said ” Has Marx hired the Herald Sub-Editors?”….natural assumption and one that had me thinking “Tell me something new”…