Herald – hates cops, loves fat Germans

In its hatred of Police and the ongoing love affair with Dotcon, the Herald takes every chance it can get to undermine cops.

Today is no different.

It quotes from a thoroughly discredited and manufactured “survey” from earlier in the year, which Whaleoil readers will be well aware of.

So how did the reporter come to include this dodgy survey, if everyone knows it is complete crap?

You’d almost think it suited their angle so much it was too tempting to include, in the hope that the entire country had lost its memory.

We are well overdue for another exclusive interview with Kim Dotcon’s staff.



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  • Gazzaw

    “we are well overdue for another exclusive interview with Kom Dotcom’s staff”.

    Maybe a double page spread on ‘What I did in my holidays’.

    No doubt we are due for some comments on the profligacy of the PMs security arrangements (its been at least two weeks). I wonder how many goons Dotcom took to Kaiteriteri. Must have been at least a couple to blow up those sofas.

  • Because offences like:
    – Attempted unlawful sexual connection with female over 16.
    – Unlawful sexual connection with a female over 16.
    – Indecently assaulting a female over 16 (x5).
    – Obscene exposure.
    – Theft by person in special relationship (a free pass for Horan then)
    – Participation in organised criminal group (x2).
    not to mention multiple assaults etc are hardly worth mentioning. So we’ll expect to hear no more about such topics, here or in Truth, when committed by civilians too?

    What about “obstructing the course of justice (x3)”, thus providing a platform from which people such as Karam and Bain can say “well it happened there, it must have happened here too”? Not to mention fitting up innocent people and getting them locked up.
    Surely a crim is a crim is a crim, and all the more reprehensible if he dons a blue uniform and tries to take the moral high ground by telling the rest of us what we can and cannot do.