Herald reckons Aussie stocks are great buying…oh yeah how about APN?

herald bombs

Australian based sub[standard]-editors strike again at the Herald, this time playing the stock market with their ignorance.


The Headline:Oz stock markets a good bet

The content: NZ funds manager says both Australia AND New Zealand offer well positioned companies:


“Local stocks look good in this environment. New Zealand and Australian stocks provide a mix of well-positioned companies, companies restructuring to meet change, defensive companies that can “weather the storm” and cyclical companies that benefit from even a modest pick-up in activity.”


How about shares in APN (the Herald’s owners) then? 


Hmm. Maybe not.

What about Fairfax?



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  • Dave

    Interesting, but the business model in most MSM is approx. 10 years past its use by date. Would have loved Gina to get in there and churn up the old and complacent media boys club.

    The term business disruption comes to mind. #BMG #BMIF

    • Honcho

      Gina wasnt interested in buying up media in oz to turn the businesses around, it was very clear from the outset that her intentions were purely in the interests of securing positive PR spin.
      I can imagine her using her trained media attack dogs to generate negative public opinion towards her competitors, halting their mining devopments, and white (and green) washing articles about her own, Playing the public off as mindless sheep.

      • Dave

        Honcho. Take a look at the incumbent directors, then think. Are they really acting in the best interests of the shareholders they represent? Their role as directors is to govern, direct the company to act in their interests, and get the best return on the shareholders investment (short term and long term).

        Hello, the graphs do not represent a great return on their (Capital) investment. I saw Gina as having the insight to change that, for a start she refused to sign the “Old Boys Club charter” Secondly for the money she stumped up, you don’t think she could have brought that influence elsewhere ??

        PS: She is also too intelligent to try and run negative stories about mining, hello, her business is mining, and unlike NZ, Australia is very Pro Mining.

  • A.random.reader

    Whale – you don’t seem to understand the principle of “buy low, sell high”.

    If you believe that APN and Fairfax can turn around their legacy business, then it probably is a good time to buy in to the market.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      I say it’ll drop further once they put in a pay per article online system.