Hobbit Haters now have someone else to start hating on

The Hobbit haters of Labour, the Greens and now New Zealand First will now have someone else to hate on…Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Wellington might be in line to host the sequel to the 1982 film Conan the Barbarian, Arnold Schwarzenegger says.

Universal Studios was looking “very closely” at using Sir Peter Jackson’s Park Road studios in Wellington for the sequel, Schwarzenegger told the website Ain’t It Cool.

“It could very well be that one of the places they’re looking very closely right now is Jackson’s studio in New Zealand,” he said.

The former governor of California has been campaigning for 10 years to get a new Conan movie made. The film, reportedly called The Legend of Conan, is due for release next year.

The script was being written. Filming was likely to begin by the end of this year, with him in the lead role, he said.

This is precisely why the Government changed the law; to make sure the film industry would continue to see New Zealand as a good place to make movies.

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  • Gazzaw

    I think that even labour is smart enough to know that they have been badly wrongfooted over the Hobbits. It’s too close to have any ongoing controversy in the run up to the election with Kelly probably standing in Rongotai. Whether the greens choose to have a go is debatable too if Wade-Brown is going to stand again for mayor.

    • Allyson

      Not so. The evil alliance is onto a winner here. Anti-american, anti-boss, anti-jobs. They should get stuck in.

      I also note the evil leftywitch Malcolm troughing up somemore taxpayer cash as co producer of some real estate drama. What a hypocrite! Hope her workforce get unionised and shaft her bigtime.

  • Saccharomyces

    Awesome, a new Conan movie! It’ll be interesting to see how Arnie goes in it. I can’t really imagine a 60-odd year-old Conan….

    • blokeintakapuna

      it’ll be called “Conan the Geriatric”

      • fozzie2

        how about Conan the Grey !

  • Orange

    This is going to be awesome!!11.

    It’s also rather significant that the former Gov of Hollywood would be interested in taking the movie out of Hollywood to film and edit. Great stuff.

  • Mitch82

    This is going to be epic. A true acid test as to who is deserving of their man card.

  • fozzie2

    One has to wonder which law Johnny will offer up up for auction this time – maybe you will get that surface to air missile launcher you were lusting after whale !!

    • Hazards001

      Were you dropped on your head as a baby you sad lil bludging excuse for a man? How does creating jobs and bringing in tax revenue become a bad thing…oh…no don’t answer I have it…people like you don’t want jobs.
      Of course it’s a bad thing!
      I’m such a thicko sometimes!

      • fozzie2

        I find it best not to comment after you have sunk a few hazzy – the Hollywood solution does not create long term sustainable jobs I am all for a vibrant movie industry in this country – but why should they get special treatment over all the other innovative industries that are providing good high quality jobs ?

        • Hazards001

          ” the Hollywood solution does not create long term sustainable jobs”
          What exactly is a long term sustainable job? I’ve had a number of jobs in my life but only 2 careers.

          “but why should they get special treatment over all the other innovative industries that are providing good high quality jobs ?”
          Because that’s the nature of both business and politics. Which innovative industries are petitioning the Govt. and not getting a hearing?

          I honestly don’t see your point. I get the fair treatment thing but 10% of nothing is still nothing. A tax break got The Hobbit made in NZ, gave employment to people that clearly wanted to be employed in that industry and put revenue in the government coffers.
          I could care less about The Hobbit or the movie industry in general. But I do give a damn about people that want to work.

          • fozzie2

            i think we are on the same page here – there is a huge difference to the way ‘the Hobbit’ is treated vs other kiwi business . Working with small businesses every day – I work with owners and investors that give their their all in time, assets, even their family home just to get off the ground – they are repulsed when they watch the privileged few used their power and influence to by pass laws, taxes and receive special privileges. if we are going to ‘pick winners’ then let the economic debate begin – it is one worth having !