How big a blouse are you? Take the test

We have already called for David Farrar to hand in his man card. Now we can be certain he lacks the required manliness to claim it back. He has posted his blouse score on Facebook:


Now either he was being overly politically correct in his answers or he lied like a flatfish, because there is no way in hell he would have scores that low. Especially the hostile sexism. If he did then he would be a happily married man and would have been so for ages.

For the record my scores were:  Hostile Sexism Score: 3.82 
Benevolent Sexism Score: 1.09

Apparently all that means is:

Scores on each dimension can vary from 0 to 5, and although there is no fixed point that divides sexist and nonsexist people, higher ASI scores are related to greater degrees of sexism. For example, people with high levels of hostile sexism are more likely than others to hold negative stereotypes about career women, and they express attitudes that are more tolerant of sexual harassment and spousal abuse of women.

In contrast, high scores on benevolent sexism are not related to overt measures of hostility toward women. Nevertheless, benevolent sexism can turn ugly when women venture beyond traditional gender roles. For instance, one study found that benevolent sexists were more likely than others to blame a female victim for being raped after she invited a man into her apartment (presumably because the victim’s behavior violated norms of female chastity).

Sounds like a load of horsehit actually.


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  • “(5) Women are too easily offended. ”

    PEOPLE are too easily offended

  • Saccharomyces

    Hostile Sexism Score: 3.45
    Benevolent Sexism Score: 2.00

    I would be surprised if any of the readers/commenters here were close to the acerage scores quoted….

    • Pete George

      Hostile Sexism Score: 1.27
      Benevolent Sexism Score: 1.82

      Below the averages (but above DPF, even though I also enjoy walks).

  • starboard

    haa..4.55 hostile…forget the other..

  • Morrissey

    D.P. Farrar and KiwiBlog: Fomenting Benevolent Sexism since 2003.

  • Patrick

    Farrar needs to give up the blogging – a new career writing pap pieces about diets & menopause for the womens mags beckons.

    • starboard

      and his gay walking trails ” oohh readers I located another luvvly walk in the bushes north of Welly, tremendous views over the …blah blah..

  • stinkeye2

    Hostile Sexism Score: 4.64

    Benevolent Sexism Score: 2.27

  • cows4me

    Hostile 2.64
    Benevolent 2.45…………whatever that means.

  • Orange

    H 3.91, B 3.09 ermm ! ?

  • Mostly_Harmless

    Hostile: 1.91, Benevolent 3.18. It was a crap test though – the questions were way too transparent.

  • disqus_CYaCVLLRTy

    Sheesh all you womens mag readers wanting to do crap surveys. GET A GRIP – they are meaningless other than in a bid to sell more crap to Neanderthals!!!!. ooops guess that was a bit sexist!

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Hostile: 4.64
    Benevolent: 2.81
    I don’t stand for no shit, but I do the breakfast every day, and specials on Sat/Sun mornings.
    ‘Cook me some fucking eggs Woman?’ no it is not like that.
    This test is for the metrosexuals who are still finding their testicles

  • Dion

    What a load of politically correct bollocks. Can we have one on Islamophobia next?

  • Hazards001

    I would have scored 5 on both but facebook is for sheilas so I’m not on it!

  • Here’s a test for you. Does the woman in your life have a smile on her face? If YES you will score if not take out the garbage do something thoughtful without being asked and again you will score. Simple really ;)