I can just see Trevor in one of these

via Boing Boing

Podium Cycling sells this boss Pee-Wee Herman skinsuit for your Big Adventures. They also do Spider-Man and various other novelties (light-up Tron, “hipster,” etc), but Pee-Wee takes the cake.


Check out the other suits. The Spiderman suit. The hipster suit, which might suit Young Labour Trev fans. 

Farrar has now taken up cycling…perhaps he might like the glowing Tron suit.


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  • Honcho

    I think I just found a costume for the single speed nations in rotorua this year!!!

  • sandynobb

    Is that a quick release crotch panel? Is there a bum flap for Trev’s colleagues?

  • williamabong

    Jeez Cam, what a letdown, I thought it was a video brochure for a new type of hearse.