I can see Trevor Mallard on one of these

I love surfing through Kickstarter…you find cool projects like the Bicymple…I can so see Trevor Mallard on one of these:


The bicymple is a stripped down, chainless, single speed that offers a unique ride. Want out of the fast lane for a while? Then enjoy a mellow, chainless ride that takes you back to when life was simple and easy. You won’t get anywhere fast but you won’t care. It’s addition by subtraction. Feeling frisky? Then pull a lever and liberate the rear wheel to turn along with the front wheel. Suddenly the most basic terrain offers adventure. Ultra-tight cornering, “crab-riding,” incredible wheelies, and who knows what else is possible!

Video after the break….


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  • Dave

    Word is Trevor likes to ride almost anything….. Human, animal, mechanical, electric even self powered. Maybe there is a career option for Trev after Parliament. Trev’s Riding Reviews. A series based on what Trevor has ridden and recommends

    • Travis Poulson

      Trev might like it better with a bare seat post.

  • Mr_V4

    Ahh, but does it come with Swissball in case Darren wants a ride? Rumour has it Faafoi had a ride, got up to 88mph and went back in time to watch the birth of H1.

    • GregM

      If Dazza pulled on the lever he could sit on it and rotate, no Swissball required.
      A win all round for him.