I can’t stand cats, but this is just disgusting

Regular readers know I can’t stand cats, but this story is just disgusting. That is no way to treat cats, humane dispatching of animals is always preferable. This guy is an animal himself:

A man accused of putting a cat in a plastic bag before throwing it under cars because it was the “quickest way” to kill the animal has been found guilty of ill-treatment.

Vincent Paul Fleming was found guilty at the Auckland District Court of a charge of cruelty to animals after a defended hearing today.

Fleming, an unemployed social worker, told police he found his flatmate’s cat dead behind his home in Mt Roskill, Auckland in January and repeated that evidence today in court. 

But Judge Heemi Taumaunu rejected Fleming’s evidence and described his behaviour as “bizarre”.

Constable Matthew Bunce told the court Fleming told him the cat had been hit by a car.

He said Fleming told him he had “kicked at it and it did nothing”. He put the dead cat in a bag and took it to a dairy on Boundary Rd.

Mr Bunce said he also asked Fleming how he knew the cat was dead. Fleming responded: “Its head was squashed and it was bleeding … I chucked it under some cars to make sure it was dead. It was buggered …”


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  • Orange

    Dumb way to try and kill a cat, although it’s worked for me every time.

    • Orange

      haha someone took the time to vote that comment down

  • Gazzaw

    He’s an unemployed social worker FFS! More like an unemployable social worker.

  • Mitch82

    This prick is suffering from NBPE:

    Not Being Punched Enough.

  • Ratesarerevolting

    That man makes Len brown look good.

    How a cunt like that could have ever been employed as a social worker beggars belief, but then I look at some of the teachers caught kiddie fiddling last year and it’s just more of the same, time for the judiciary to stand up – give him a year inside to contemplate what he did and do some remedial social work.

  • unitedtribes

    He didn’t follow the correct procedure. First you should put pussy in bag. Then secure it over exhaust pipe. After he stops wiggling you should place under back wheels then back up. Very humane

  • thor42

    Put the bastard in a water-tank with a few dozen piranhas.

    Justice delivered by animals would be very appropriate in this case.

  • Hazards001

    Cat? I’m trying to get my head around the fact that there is an unemployed social worker in NZ…how the fuck did that happen in the land of the politically correct?

    • Gazzaw

      Just shows what a useless prick he is.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Why is he unemployed? He should be able to throw bags onto a rubbish heap with that swing of his.

  • Orange

    Was he *trying* to torture the cat? Apparently not.

  • DoomAndGloom

    Ugh…What’s the bet he gets a small fine and no prison time, as in…nowhere near the 5 years and $100,000 the courts allow.

  • Dave

    He doesn’t deserve Prison time, lets think of an equivalent punishment to what he dished out. How bout putting him in a Binliner, and throwing him under a truck. After that, he might be bleeding and have a squashed head as well. Sounds like Social Justice to me!

  • rouppe

    I’m surprised you find this disgusting…

    Put cat in bag and swing against tree = OK

    Put cat in bag and swing under car = not OK

    Really? There’s a dfference?