I hate it when people use depression as an excuse for being a c*nt

I suffer from depression, I am open about it, I have blogged about it, I help people understand how depression affects them…but one thing is consistent in everything I have written about it and everything I have explained to people and that is that depression is not an excuse..it simply is what is happening to you.

I have never used it for an excuse. Look at this scumbag and pathetic excuse:

Depression triggered by his teenage son’s death in the Christchurch earthquake was behind a man’s descent into the world of child pornography, a court has heard.

John Andrew Howland, 38, moved to the West Coast soon after the earthquake and now lives in Greymouth, where a police raid on September 25 revealed he had thousands of images of children, some just toddlers, engaged in sexual acts with adults, stored on his computer. 

For the purposes of prosecution, police selected a sample of seven images as a basis for the charges, which Howland admitted in the first instance.

“Unguarded” comments from Howland to an acquaintance had concerned that person enough to contact police.

In Greymouth District Court yesterday, lawyer Richard Bodle said Howland’s curiosity developed into an obsession, but he had not produced or distributed any images.

He was what is described in the pornography scene as a ‘lurker’, someone who observes but does not participate in the acts.

A lurker eh…oh that’s alright then…bullshit…and its a bullshit excuse.

It angers me that someone would attempt to use depression as an excuse for child pornography. It denigrates other sufferers of depression. It is demaning in and of itself that this self centred c*nt uses it as an excuse.

I mean…waaaahhh..the death of my boy made me do it? What a load of crap…claiming he is just a lurker…people like him create the market that even sicker wankers take advantage of.

No sympathy..lock him up.


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  • Jimmie

    Oh the poor man – better be discharged without conviction like that moron who beat his wife and tried to stab her and their son.


    Judges are nuts – surely this could be an issue in 2013 – dealing to the pinko crim hugging judges around.

  • So, just to be clear Cam, you are a c*nt to gingers because you are an utter bastard, not because of your depression?

  • Patrick

    So the guy loses his son, moves to the back of nowhere & becomes a paedo porn fiend?
    Methinks he was always a dodgy c*nt

  • steve and monique

    Sick fuck,it is not like the flu.You just dont wake up in the morning,and say “I think I caught Peado,because I am depressed..Hell I was a little down yesterday,but it did not make me want to go out and get kiddie porn.

  • Rodger T

    When you have a judiciary that does not see child porn as a crime,this is the result you get.
    Wonder how long the judge spent “reviewing the evidence”?

  • BR

    The taxpayer funded legal aid lawyer had to come up with something.