I think Darwin was teasing this time

Texting while driving is dumb enough, but so is walking and texting and not playing attention to what’s in front of you:

CCTV cameras in the Mailbox shopping district of Birmingham recorded the moment a radio newsreader walked straight into a freezing cold canal while composing a text to her boyfriend.

Laura Safe, who works for Capital FM’s breakfast show in the city, can be seen texting as she walks down a flight of steps, unaware of the canalside a few feet in front of her. Seconds later a splash reveals she has fallen in, and she briefly flails around in the freezing cold water.

Ms Safe was pulled to safety moments later by a passer-by, with her health if not her pride fully intact. – source



Of course having no barrier there was to blame for the silly cow not looking where she was going, and it wasn’t enough for her to look like a cabbage walking into the canal that she had to go on TV to tell more people about it.

Sometimes Darwin takes people, sometimes they get a second chance, and sometimes I think he’s taking the piss.


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