Not much hope

I’m afraid for this new born child…afflicted with Silly First Name Syndrome…tragedy stalks it:

The first baby born in Wellington Hospital this year has been named for the occasion.

Taulogo New Year Taulogo was born at 12.21am yesterday by caesarean section to mum Siilima Taulogo, 35.

“It’s special for him to be born on New Year’s Day. He’s big, he’s strong. He’s a good boy,” Mrs Taulogo said of her 3.24kg son, who sports an impressive head of hair.

The newborn has two older brothers, Molly, 8, and Christian, 6. His mother is keen to add to the family, and wants to mark another special day.

“Next year I’m going to have a Christmas baby,” she said.

Three already and she speaks of a 4th…Houston we may have a problem.