I wonder if Pope’s secretary is getting much crumpet

The Pope’s secretary if on the cover of Vanity Fair…I wonder if his getting an increase in booty calls:


Archbishop Georg Ganswein, Pope Benedict’s private secretary, who has been dubbed “Gorgeous George” by the Italian media, is now a real-life cover boy.

The prelate has landed on the cover of Vanity Fair.

The cover on the Italian edition of the magazine shows the 56-year-old archbishop smiling, his blue eyes beaming, above a headline that reads “Father Georg – It’s not a sin to be beautiful.”

The magazine calls Ganswein “The George Clooney of St Peter’s” and says it dedicated a cover story to honour his recent promotion to the rank of archbishop and as recognition of his growing power in the Roman Catholic Church.

A spokeswoman for the magazine said Ganswein was not interviewed for the article and did not pose for the cover photo, which she said was a close-up of an existing picture.

Still at least it is positive news about the Catholic Church who are getting more used to seeing their priests in mugshots after being arrested for boy buggering.


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  • Bunswalla

    I think you’ll find he bats for the other team.

    • Ronnie Chow

      “The Vatican gossip merchants call Georg ‘Gay-Org.’ He is inseparable from Benedict. And he surely is easy on the eyes. There is no evidence that Benedict has ever broken his vows of chastity; but there is no evidence that he is heterosexual either. Hence the gossip; hence the jokes. When you’re a Pope who declares that even closeted, chaste gay men cannot be priests, it’s pushing your luck to clothe yourself in Prada, bedeck your Pope-mobile with luxurious Natuzzi Italian white leather, and surround yourself with assistants who look like they strayed from the pages of ‘L’Uomo Vogue.”

      Andrew Sullivan.

  • disqus_YpTllT0RsD

    If by crumpet you mean underage boys…

  • sandynobb

    He may have a thing for the Pope: ‘When asked if he felt nervous in the presence of the Holy Father,
    Gänswein replied that he sometimes did and added: ‘But it is also
    true that the fact of meeting each other and being together on a
    daily basis creates a sense of “familiarity”, which makes you feel
    less nervous. But obviously I know who the Holy Father is and so I
    know how to behave appropriately. There are always some situations,
    however, when the heart beats a little stronger than usual.’ http://www.lrb.co.uk/v32/n16/colm-toibin/among-the-flutterers

  • Rodger T

    With the utmost respect for Lucias` sensibilities,I`ll refrain from any “dictation” jokes.

  • Come on Whale and others, any thing about the Catholic Church causes you to be as obnoxious as possible. Why don’t you all fuck off to Northern Ireland where you would be appreciated?

    • Rodger T

      Read it and weep Bob,of course your god could stop it at anytime ,couldn`t he? If it existed .

    • Ronnie Chow

      See above…..the gift that keeps on giving…

      The Catholic priest busted for allegedly dealing crystal meth was suspended after church officials discovered he was a cross-dresser who was having sex in the rectory at Bridgeport’s St. Augustine Cathedral.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Hey Bob , about your Popes…a bit long , for a twisted tale ….

      Some of the most perverse, violent and twisted people in history have been Catholic Popes. Most were gluttons and alcoholics and many were sexual deviants. Pedophilia is an ancient Catholic tradition going all the way back to the Roman emperors.

      According to Catholic historian Peter de Rosa in his book “Vicars of Christ”:

      “Popes had mistresses as young as fifteen years of age, were guilty of incest and sexual perversions of every sort, had innumerable children, were murdered in the very act of adultery.”

      Pope Sergius III – 904 – 911, Obtained his office by murder and fathered several illegitimate children by Marozia, who assassinated Pope Leo VI (928 – 929), and put her own teenage son (John XI) as Pope.

      Benedict V – 964, Raped a young girl and absconded to Constantinople with the papal treasury only to reappear when the money ran out. Church historian Gerbert called Benedict ‘the most iniquitous of all the monsters of ungodliness.’ The pontiff was eventually slain by a jealous husband. His corpse, bearing a hundred dagger wounds, was dragged through the streets before being tossed into a cesspit.

      Pope Benedict IX – 1033 – 1045, Committed murders and adulteries in broad daylight, robbed pilgrims, and was regarded as a hideous criminal. The people drove him out of Rome: The Catholic encyclopedia says, “He was a disgrace to the chair of Peter.”

      Pope Innocent III – 1198 – 1216, Promoted the Inquisition, surpassing all his predecessors in torturing and murdering.

      Pope Boniface VIII – 1294 – 1303, One of the worst of all Popes. Dante visited Rome and described the Vatican as a “sewer of corruption” and assigned Boniface VII, Nicholas III and Clement V to the “lowest parts of hell.”

      Rodrigo Borgia – Pope Alexander VI – 1492 – 1503, Under his reign the “Vatican was again a brothel” (The Records of Rome, 1868, British Library) and his debauched papal court was compared to the ancient “fleshpots” of Caesarea in which St Augustine (d. 430) revelled. Bob Murphy is deluded .He was well known as a sexual pervert and was reported to have fathered children with his daughter.

      Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti – Pius IX – 1846 – 1878, Was famous the kidnapping of a 6-year-old jewish boy and oppression of jews yet was deemed a Saint by Pope John Paul II. His beatification was questioned due to rumors that he sexually molested the boy.

      Karol Wojtyla – John Paul II – 1978 – 2005, While Karol did apologize for many of the church’s sins he also was a staunch supporter of catholic monsters such as Marcial Maciel, founder of the Legion of Christ and known pedophile. Karol beatified and canonized more individuals than all his predecessors put together, many of the individuals were notorious pedophiles and other criminals yet Karol thought them all to be great catholics and saints.

      Joseph Ratzinger – Pope Benedict XVI – 2005 to present, a member of Hitler Youth and member of the German army during WW II. He manned anti-aircraft guns at the BMW factory that used slave labor. As a former Nazi he is responsible for war crimes and the men he killed. In the early 80’s he was made Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), formerly called Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition (aka “the Inquisition”). He has actively protected and supported known pedophiles and blocked investigations into the church’s abuse of children.

      • Orange

        And the infallible popes doctrine also comes under pressure when you note:
        – some infallible popes were declared to be teaching heresy (eg. Honorius I 625-638)
        – there was 35 occasions when there were multiple popes at the same time all declaring infallibly the others to be false popes
        – Galileo was declared infallibly to be wrong in favour of a helio centric universe.

    • Orange

      Yes why indeed do the Northern Catholics want to leave one of the best performing nations in the EU and join one of the worst? Do they really want to throw the wealth of their nation (and the wealth of the protestants) away?

  • Ronnie Chow
  • Ronnie Chow