I wonder what the unemployment rate is in Christchurch?

Things appear to be looking up in Christchurch…businesses are reporting that there is no one to fill vacancies for jobs:

Some of Christchurch’s biggest employers are calling for more unskilled immigrants to be allowed into New Zealand to fill job vacancies.

While the city calls for tradesmen, engineers and management-level workers as the rebuild gets into full swing, some businesses say there is a similar need for those willing to do low-paid, unskilled work.

Trish Paterson, recruitment manager for Christchurch-based employment agency Ryan Recruitment, said many local companies were struggling to fill positions that required no qualifications or skills that can be learned on the job.

“It’s not so much that [jobs] are not available, but in a lot of cases they are paying minimum wage and there are other employers paying more, even if it is only 50c per hour, people will move jobs for that,” she said.

The company was even struggling to find people to stand with Stop/Go signs to manage traffic at road works.

Employers needed to adjust their expectations, she said.

“The old attitude ‘if they want the job they have to fit in with us’ is now unrealistic.

“Quite often it is about thinking outside the square . . . taking a more lateral approach and sourcing people that can be trained to do the job, perhaps people they would not have considered in the past.”

Most importantly, Paterson believed, Christchurch needed to bring in more immigrants.

Right so it appears that there are no unemployed at all left in Christchurch…I wonder what the stats say? 

It seems not…The latest unemployment figures for Christchurch say different:

In Canterbury, in the year to September 2012, the unemployment rate decreased 0.3 percentage points to 5.2 percent. For women the decrease was 0.8 percentage points, down to 5.9 percent. There was a slight increase in the unemployment rate for men (0.1 percentage points), up to 4.6 percent.

So form the stats it looks the indigent are not wanting to work, preferring instead to pick the taxpayers pockets when there is work to be had.

Why isn’t WINZ doing something about this issue?


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  • maninblack

    They are not working because there is the option of getting free money from the taxpayer. – after all, why would the lazy work for their money when they can get it free?

  • Salacious T Crumb

    Hmmm, maybe a moratorium on unemployment benefits being paid would provide some motivation.

  • Hugewon

    It’s the same reason why 18-25 year old unemployment is so high – “I can’t get a job in (insert rubbish bullshit degree in something unemployable the government pays for anyway) so I’m gonna sit on my arse instead of getting work in the meantime”

  • Guest

    A whole pile of Asians keen to work is what the city needs to drive them forward not a whole lot of lazy people.. Late last year, I needed someone to paint all of my homes interior – I contacted a few people via various means, got a 3 people to quote it, the “kiwis” gave me quotes of between 4-6 weeks of work, none of which would happen between 15th Dec – 20 Jan as “to busy” or “on holiday” for some quite horrific prices. The asians who turned up quoted 2 weeks max for a price 1/4 the amount. I was a little worried but for that differential worth a shot. Well those dudes were there from 6am to 8pm every day – Sat/Sun included – took a day off for Xmas / Boxing day and were back in it – they worked hard all day, no mucking about taking phones calls or the like, just killer sanding and painting. Half way through they said they could probably finish in 7 days instead of 2 weeks (and asked if I minded? LOL) – but then got a bit behind, so they brought in another guy at their cost to meet the deadline they set themselves. I was extremely picky because I was scared of the price being “low” but I cannot fault there work, its exceptional quality. All of my neighbours came around and asked for their cards. These are the people we need down there if we want to drive the progress down there, even if we can get our fat and lazy of their asses they are never going to work like this, so whats the point, engage some useless people but delay the whole project?

    • Dave

      Big difference They have been brought up in a working culture, you work or starve! Too many here have grown up learning to suck of the taxpayers tit courtesy of consecutive bleeding heart Labour governments. Start dropping the benefit by 10% for every 3 months a person is on it and make training compulsory for anyone on a benefit.

      • starboard

        Yes but National have pissed in the bludgers pockets as well…no sign of them tightning up on welfare..National are a fucking disgrace.

    • kiwidon

      Give us contact details please – i will gladly support real workers!

    • Here in Flatbush where homes are growing around us like flowers we see Asian workmen working evenings and weekends. They are the reason that entire houses are finished in under 4 weeks here.

  • cows4me

    The same problem exists in many rural areas where it’s a lot easier to turn down work, there seems to be no real wish from WINZ to challenge the unemployed. One of my sons left school end of last year. Has had temporary work ( farming, milking, cutting firewood) but was offered 4 different jobs, started permanently Monday. Those wishing to work around here can pick their jobs but many positions remain unfilled and many Filipinos are taking them. Kiwis have life to easy, the welfare state will eventually make us slaves in our own land as those willing to work will end up owning the job. And you can be sure as hell the welfare state will have long since been consigned to the dustbin.

  • David

    I’m from Christchurch and was ashamed when I read these stories in The Press. I have to wonder what our country has come to. I have to wonder why I am working when many others are too lazy or think that certain jobs are beneath them. I have to wonder what the government is doing about this on-going problem.

    It is clear that many do not want to work. It is obvious that the unemployment benefit is more than ample to cover their needs so they do not need to work. The government must get tougher. The unemployed should be given a choice of say three jobs. If they turn them down benefit stopped for 12 months, no arguments. Implement this simple measure and I guarantee the unemployment rate would plummet.

  • steve and monique

    Sorry you want to bring in more migrant workers because there are not enough people to fill the jobs available.Well I guess if the quality of the available options are lazy,good for nothings,or think they are above the position available,then what options do you have,but to import more overseas workers. FFS WINZ,start getting tough with these bludgers. Dont want the work,should equate to, wont get the dole.