I’m sure he did, liars usually do

Lance Armstrong has finally, sort of admitted to be a lying, cheating scum bag. And some of former team mates think he sounded sorry…of course he can easily sound sorry sitting on the millions he won by being a lying, cheating, doping scumbag…but hey…at least he sounded sorry.

Some of Lance Armstrong’s former teammates view his doping confession as an important step in helping cycling restore its damaged credibility, while his former rivals are largely indifferent to his admission of cheating.

After long refuting allegations of drug cheating, Armstrong admitted in an interview with Oprah Winfrey to using the blood-booster EPO, testosterone, and to having blood doped during his seven straight Tour wins from 1999-2005.

He has since been stripped of all those titles and banned from competing for life following a US Anti-Doping Agency report exposing the extent of his doping. 

Frankie Andreu, who rode with Armstrong on two teams, said he was surprised to hear him confess.

“It’s pretty incredible that he stepped up and took the responsibility and admitted that he cheated and lied,” Andreu said. “I’m not saying he told the entire truth the whole time, but that was a completely different Lance Armstrong that I think anybody’s seen in the last 15, 20 years.”


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  • It’s all a Clayton’s apology. Two minutes of ‘fessing up, followed by more than two hours of justifying his behaviour.

    The most surreal part was his admission that he called Betsy Andreu (Frankie Andreu’s wife a “crazy bitch” whilst seeming almost offended at the allegation that he had actually called her a “crazy FAT bitch”. He was most indignant about the “fat” adjective!

  • Pokerface

    The Bernie Madhoff of sport.

  • cows4me

    He hasn’t said much about his mates and those that helped him cheat. Sounds to me like the whole lot want to take a few years off to clean up their acts. No doubt there will be a bit of blood letting and a few more arses will be kicked then it will be back to business as usual.

  • Rocket

    I still wear my Livestrong yellow bracelet and will prominently show it when I give the finger to all those weak and mean-spirited people who perversely delight in the humiliation of an alpha male. Why? Were they themselves competing in the TdF and somehow I missed them as I watched from the roadside on many cols in la belle France.

    I hear the criticism that he was “cold and unemotional” on Oprah. Shock/horror. Does that mean he didn’t mope and snivel? And that he is now getting “therapy and counseling” – I wonder if that will appease all those tall poppy harvesters.

    As for cheating – there was a level playing field, as all cycling aficionados well understood – can any of those now triumphantly crowing claim that they could have even been la lanterne rouge with all the chemical help in the world?