Immigrants Having A Lend On Greens Home For Life

Cactus Kate has performed a quick google and found that TVNZ pin-up Sharissa Naidoo, 25 years old and supporter of the Greens Debt To Taxpayer Home For Life, has lived in New Zealand for just seven years. Most of those as a bludging student.

Naidoo completed a worthless return on investment, Masters degree and is working as a youth intern at Amnesty International.

If Sharissa is finding New Zealand a little too tough, perhaps she should pop back to South Africa after receiving her education at one of the best Universities in the world and see what affordable housing looks like. A bit mean? I think not.

That is right, Sharissa seems to have only recently even arrived in New Zealand. Six years as at 2012. That would be a couple of years tops in New Zealand’s state education system and then the benefit of New Zealand’s University system.
So after seven years and zero of those as a net taxpayer, she expects assistance to buy a house?
She even has published a paper on how unfair the interest free student loan scheme is. Debt as the price of freedom?

Student loans are interest free while studying last time I checked.

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  • spollyike

    Multiculturalism immigration policies at their best! (worst)

  • ConwayCaptain

    It is about time that the MSM exposed these frauds. In the old days it was possible to cash in your child benefit ton get a down payment on a house using a Housing Corp loan. No problem with that they were just getting an advance on what they were due.
    However we now have people like this expecting the long suffering tax payer to subsidise them into a home for life. Maybe these bludgers would like to start up a business but expect the taxpayer to subsidise them into that.

  • Phar Lap

    Let us not forget the List MPS who seem to have qualified for the RED/”green.Last time i checked one of them an American wetback from Boston named Genter, an import of less than app six years was hostile and vehement about the construction of an Auckland well as Wellingtons Transmission Gully.That South African import named appropiately NODOO’s , her comments pale, in view of the imported wetback Yankee, doodle, dandies, green comments on NZs infra structure.

    • ConwayCaptain

      This is the problem with MMP. An electorate MP has to stand up to the scrutiny of the electorate before they get elected.
      List MPs dont so we get dead beats or ring in wet backs like Prasad, Melissa Lee, Genter etc etc. The List MPs should be put up for scrutiny as well.

  • cows4me

    She’ll either find herself a high position in the communist party or be professional gold digger.

    • Gazzaw

      Nothing that an arranged marriage and six kids won’t fix.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Another Labour/Greens/Union plant in the same category as Mr. Cecil Walker most likely.

    TVNZ is lowering their own credibility standard… and consistently failing to achieve those lower standards.

    Perhaps a credible journalist would ensure they weren’t being set up by the unions/Labour like they did when they paraded Cecil around on behalf of the unethical, lying unions… and we all know what deliberate bullshit, lies and obfuscating of the facts their Cecil story turned out to be…

    No wonder the unions can’t produce credible, trustworthy annual financials…

  • In Vino Veritas

    I think that everyone needs to take this sort of thing with a grain of salt. Every person put up by the media (based on past performance) has to be viewed with a good degree of sceptisism. The overiding issue is that the Greens and Labour are willing to bribe voters by giving them something, and of course, most are happy to be given something. Socialism: manufacture a “crisis”. Promise to help with other peoples money. Saddle the productive by subsidising the non productive. Create a dependency. And repeat. Socialism never changes.

  • Danny-boy

    Naidoo? Naidon’t think so!

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Hanging out on K-road? Get my drift?

  • Pissedoffyouth

    One more comment from me, don’t think it’s fair for immigrants in NZ/ Fuck off back home then?

    oh wait, south Africa isn’t as safe as NZ etc? Then accept that you have to work here too

  • Corner_shop_not

    Yes but if you think about it, of course they were going to use a recent immigrant for their so called ‘case study’. Mainly because the story is aimed at others like her…..ergo Labour/Green supporters – where most recent immigrants place their votes, the only reason the reporter was pointed in her direction by greens was to drum this type of persons support up for them.
    What grates me is that everytime one of these “neveau immigrants” gets on tele, it taints the name of all of us more estabilished ones (in relative terms), even though my family’s been here since the 1940s – paying taxes, in multiple large businesses and spending hard earned money in NZ, serving in the NZ military abroad, allowing us to NEVER use a sngle cent of welfare etc – yet because of this type of bludging tart = if you saw me in the street you’d lump me in with her!! stupid tart doesnt even know the pawn she is being played for!
    Apu is not happy ………stupid greens, stupid media, stupid bludgers, But don’t lump us all in the same basket please…..

    • Jman

      Most South African immigrants that come to NZ have no time for the Greens or Labour and would be National or Act voters. Since we come from a non-welfare society we have no expectation of being looked after by the state and understand the need to support ourselves. The strict entry requirements also tend to weed out the bludgers.

      In the case of this Sharissa Naidoo it looks like she came here while still young enough to be indoctrinated, which has promptly happened under the New Zealand education system. So don’t blame South African immigrants for this unfortunate case.

      • Corner_shop_not

        yep fair comment, in fact when I wrote this I hadnt realised she was from SA,…

      • Pissedoffyouth

        Strict entry requirements?

    • Hazards001

      That’s a load of old cobblers. if I saw you on the street I’d know you were of Asian Descent maybe? Why would I lump you in with her? Because you’re Asian? My bet is you walk down the street like a kiwi..look people in the eye, wear jeans and sneakers and are probably no different to thousands of others. As your family has been here since the ’40’s you’re more Kiwi than many. I went to school with a Chinese girl from a prominent local family that had been in NZ since the 1870’s (Gold Rush) She is as kiwi as, although interestingly could speak Mandarin.

      And FYI I’d be proud to be associated with you.

      • Corner_shop_not

        You’d be correct, your description was accurate. I hope others think like you…

  • tarkwin

    Burn her passport and put her in a canoe with a chart showing her how to get back to the poor persons utopia, South Africa.

    • dotcom

      No, no, no, don’t do that. I’ll buy her.

      • Lofty

        If this goes to auction, let me know as I am a keen bidder.

  • Patrick

    How about a little bit of gratitude for the opportunities she has had in NZ?
    She could have stayed in SA & risked getting murdered, raped, robbed, HIV/AIDS.
    Instead she lives in a relativly benign environment & has state funded support every which way she turns.

  • Sthn.Jeff

    I also laughed at this last night. Her and her partner seemed to be living in a relatively new and well equipped apartment / house. Not that that is wrong of course however if you were actually really intent on buying your own house rrather than having one handed to you , it is always posssible of course to opt for more modest surroundings saving yourself $$$$ in the process. But no…..I WANT IT ALL NOW!!!!

  • Hazards001

    A masters degree in sociology…well of course she did. Not engineering or medicine..sociology…the science of taking. Outstanding. I’ve made it pretty clear my thoughts on useless immigrants coming here and creating businesses to work under the table in underground economic communities.
    This is just taking it one step further..and she wants us to buy here a house too. Fuck me sideways! ENOUGH!