Immigrants Having A Lend On Greens Home For Life

Cactus Kate has performed a quick google and found that TVNZ pin-up Sharissa Naidoo, 25 years old and supporter of the Greens Debt To Taxpayer Home For Life, has lived in New Zealand for just seven years. Most of those as a bludging student.

Naidoo completed a worthless return on investment, Masters degree and is working as a youth intern at Amnesty International.

If Sharissa is finding New Zealand a little too tough, perhaps she should pop back to South Africa after receiving her education at one of the best Universities in the world and see what affordable housing looks like. A bit mean? I think not.

That is right, Sharissa seems to have only recently even arrived in New Zealand. Six years as at 2012. That would be a couple of years tops in New Zealand’s state education system and then the benefit of New Zealand’s University system.
So after seven years and zero of those as a net taxpayer, she expects assistance to buy a house?
She even has published a paper on how unfair the interest free student loan scheme is. Debt as the price of freedom?

Student loans are interest free while studying last time I checked.