In Defense of Concealed Carry

There is much talk of “gun control” in the US, with a great deal of the focus being dispossessing citizens of the means to defend themselves from the criminal elements that commit crimes. Focus needs to be also on the vast majority of gun owners who do not break the law…like concealed carry?permitted?citizens.

Jeffrey Goldberg at The?Atlantic?examines this:

The population of concealed-carry permit holders in the U.S. now exceeds 9 million, and this group is responsible for very little crime — they commit crime at a rate lower than the general population, and lower than police officers, and they certainly, as a rule, don’t open fire on anyone who looks threatening. They are not the problem, and concealed-carry generally is not the problem. It may even be part of a solution, until such time as a giant magnet appears over the continental U.S. and sucks into the sky America’s civilian-owned weapons, or until the gun control movement convinces the majority of Americans who believe in private weapons ownership to open a debate about the 2nd Amendment.?

As we have seen here in Kawhia, where police back up was over 70kms away so too is the focus coming on the?unassailable?facts that if you?dispossess?citizens with their legal right to defend themselves, then you are placing the safety of the civilian population in?the?hands of the police…who as in Kawhia need defense themselves…and in the case of Sandy Hook took more than 20 minutes to arrive on scene.

In the meantime, I can’t get two Newtown numbers out of my head: 26, the number of people, mainly small children, who were murdered in the school; and 20, the number of minutes it took the police to arrive.