In Truth this week

Truth is on sale now, in Truth this week

Eye for Eye – Mark Middleton is waiting to deliver justice to Karla’s killer:


With friends like these – David Bain gains support of a Double Killer:


Could the hairy cows really be part yak? Mix up with the milkshake:



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  • dotcom

    Is the name of the double killer (one was manslaughter, one was murder) supporter of David Bain, allowed to be mentioned here?

    • Yes, it is Brian Ronald McDonald…I know…snigger…Ronald McDonald

  • dotcom

    This would be the nice guy, Brian McDonald who stabbed Ronald Stephen Blyth to death in 1974 at a party in Mission Bay, and who murdered Margaret Anne Bell, a teenager, by shotgun blast in Central Auckland in 1979.

    Who now lives in Panmure, after being sentenced to seven years for the first killing in 1975, and sentenced to seven years for the second in May 1980, but served nine years, and was released in 1988.

    And you now say he is in cahoots with the other nice guy and mass murderer David Bain?

    Welcome to New Zealand.