Ingrid Visser angry at hoax beached whale call

The Whale Army is everywhere…

Seen at Tawharanui Beach yesterday – Kim Dotcon on his inflatable couches.

My god what a cocksmoker…inflatable couches.

He claims to want to be a Kiwi…well Kiwis don’t ponce around at the beach like cocks with inflatable couches.

Is that David Fisher just out of shot?

Beached Whale Dotcom


I think calls for a video bonus…


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  • Troy

    That kraut will never be a Kiwi, god forbid some dickhead decides to grant him citizenship. What a slob. Time for him to be deported.

    • NZatlarge

      Maybe we should deport all the rest of over weight immigrants in New Zealand too? Chuck in some cultural slurs too boot.

      • Honcho

        Cant, a good bunch of them (im sure you can guess where from) have poorly managed type2 diabetes, and kidney failure as a result, now need dialysis to survive, we are forbidden from deporting them back to their home nations which are small and do not have dialysis machines.
        My feelings are we should spot each of those nations a machine each, as give the fat lazy sods the bums rush onto the next waiting plane home.

  • Gazzaw

    Fisher’s probably far too busy orchestrating snide comments by his kid reporters about the PM loafing in his luxury Hawaii holiday pad. Wouldn’t this pic be a great subject for Emerson? Don’t hold your breath though.

  • Tristanb

    Let him do what he wants.

    I’m not sure why you’ve got some vendetta out on this guy. He’s done nothing wrong, and is fighting the left-wing corporatist media companies and lefty politicians who want to control what we do on the internet.

    Fuck, if I was as rich as him I’d be lying on a private beach on an island surrounded by a dozen naked women.

    • Morrissey
      • Tristanb

        Yep, except my hands would be lower.

    • Greg

      If he has done nothing wrong why doesn’t he go to the states and prove it? Its that simple.

      • Tristanb

        Why should he?

        I wouldn’t do that either. Why would you waste your time on a trial that is run by a bunch of judges that know nothing about the internet, in a country where the law is written by the MPAA and RIAA?

        Would you like to be extradited to Saudi Arabia for being drunk? To Thailand for insulting the king? Or would you get your lawyers to sort it out here in NZ?

        What sort of puppet loser would just go to whatever country sought him? Would you?

        • Greg

          Ditto my first response but also remember he’s not our problem as he’s not a KIWI!

          • Tristanb

            “Ditto” my response, which you haven’t really replied to.
            Would you go to another country to face trial if you didn’t have to,
            even if you knew were innocent? I certainly wouldn’t.

            He’s only our problem because our unthinking police department staged an elaborate takedown (with helicopters!!!) on the request of the FBI.

            He’s not my problem. I say live and let live.

            He’s a businessman who ran a successful website.

          • Greg

            A businesses man who ripped alot of people off in other countries and spent time behind bars, you would trust a scum bag like that?

          • Tristanb

            No, but I don’t have to trust him.

            Mark Hotchin knowingly took his own money out of his failing company, while accepting the money of investors. Yet that monster is defended on this site.

            Quite frankly I don’t give a shit about Dotcom. I’m not sure why Slater is so obsessed with him.

          • Mark Hotchin isn’t charged with ANY offences

          • Tristanb

            He is a crook.

          • So you say but he has done even less wrong that your assertions over the fat German crook and I don’t see you standing up for him. Dotcom has t least been charged, and has an extradition request…he is going to go on a little us excursion like it or not

          • Dave

            I’m actually with Cam on this one, people have rights, just sitting around being accused is not good enough, he should be charged or all charges withdrawn and an apology. Look at DotCon, the FBI style raid, charges and now the legal battle around that, plus he has access to his funds. As Cam has pointed out, there are NO charges against Hotchins, yet they have his funds locked up. Best they release a fairly high % of them ASAP in the interests of justice or and CHARGE him, or apologize.

          • He is a crook

          • Tristanb

            Why the obsession?

          • Same judge too, why different standards between Hotchin and dotcom?…dotcom has his money being freed up every time he goes to court….Hutchins remains sequestered despite no criminal charges…justice?

        • Travis Poulson

          “Would you like to be extradited to Saudi Arabia for being drunk? To Thailand for insulting the king? Or would you get your lawyers to sort it out here in NZ?”

          That’s not the smartest comparison is it.

          • Tristanb

            Can you not understand it? Let me try and explain it again.

            If I do something in one country, there’s no reason to let some other country extradite me just because that second country doesn’t like what I do.

          • Travis Poulson

            I stand by my last comment. The material on the site is subject to copyright laws, mega upload was asked to remove material and they didn’t, some that WAS removed was later put back up again. It’s not a case of not liking what he’s doing, it’s a case of breaking law and being accountable for it. He’s a crook, always has been in every country he’s been, lets not make excuses for him.

          • Don’t forget all the kiddy porn….I’ll get plats to kimdotcons donut stash that the FBI reputedly requested removal of kiddy porn and they didn’t do it, making it likely that dotcom was asking money off of the trade in kiddy porn

          • Travis Poulson

            Jesus Cam, didn’t see that one coming. A little warning next time? :)

          • Greg

            No Cam is not Jesus….

          • Travis Poulson

            A slow clap for originality.

          • Mr_V4

            Oh FFS, where is the evidence for that? Talk about baseless slurs.

    • Andrew M

      The vendetta is John Banks related, in Cam’s world any political entity is fair game except Banksie. It seems biased but they are mates after all..

      • Tristanb

        Banks destroyed the ACT Party (albeit a party weakened already by Hide), despite going against his own beliefs to try and keep it alive. He is the very definition of politician: he’s full of bullshit, never says what he means, and never means what he says.

        He’s the reason Auckland got Len Brown – because Banks is so damn unlikeable.

        • Andrew M

          Couldn’t agree with you more. Sadly ACT was already dying, he was just the bullet in the head.

        • Pissedoffyouth

          I personally like Rodney Hide, but Banks is a bad taste in your mouth

          • Don’t put his cock in your mouth then

          • Andrew M

            This is your shitpit to wrestle in as you see fit, but you’re not doing a very shit-hot job of defending your position.

          • I don;t have to defend my position…it is my position that Kim Dotcon is a crook…no defending necessary…and it is a matter of public record that Banksie is a mate…

          • Mr_V4

            It’s called the rat-hole problem.
            “How does one let the other side off some hook on which they have
            imprudently impaled themselves, while minimizing their loss of face?
            A cornered rat will fight savagely, even against overwhelming odds,
            because it has no alternative. Give the rat a way out and it will
            instinctively take it.”

            Whale is so anti-Dotcom it has actually blinded him to the illegal activities of both the NZ and US govts in this matter.

        • Morrissey

          “Banks destroyed the ACT Party (albeit a party weakened already by Hide)…”

          …and also by Roy, and Garrett, and Boscawen, and Douglas.

    • Frank Smith

      I’m with you on this. Why the personal attack all the time? If you were actually posting stuff about MEGA to prove the case against him it would be fine, but all i’m seeing are posts about his size etc.. The US and NZ have screwed the case up totally. He is going to come out on the better side of this. If he is guilty then so is dropbox, rapidshare and all the other file sharing companies. Of course he isn’t going to go to the US. He’ll be locked up for years before anything goes to court.

      • Callum

        The biggest difference to other file sharing sites was Megaupload PAID for popular content, knowing much of it was illegally obtained.

  • ConwayCaptain

    He has contracvted Sea Shepherd to protect him whilst in the water.
    Where is Cap’n Ahab when you need him

    • Dave

      if you see him afloat Captain, let the Japanese whaling fleet know, huge flubbery DotCom spotted, they could head home after harpooning him, credits from the FBI as well.

  • Greg

    Pity the FAT SLOB wasn’t on the couches in the sea and there was a strong off shore wind to America.

  • AnonWgtn

    Dotcon should enjoy it whilst he is here. Next Christmas could well be in USA where it is colder – but he has enough fat to absorb the cold.
    However, I expect that appeal number whatever will be in place to the Supreme court in at least 5 years time, and they will suggest a knighthood, for services to the New Zealand legal system, as by then he will be on legal aid.

  • Travis Poulson

    I had to look closer to check that wasn’t Fisher kneeling in front of him.

    • pukakidon

      We all know that Fisher gives him a regular blowing up to keep him that inflated. I wonder if Curran has pulled her tongue out of his arse.

  • NZatlarge

    Those inflatable couches are a good use for all his hot air.

  • disqus_FM6nS7AF5V

    I agree with your efforts to get rid of this waste of space. The last thing we want is more foreign born convicted crims setting up here. To be fair I don’t really see how the constant belittling of his size plays any relevance (glass houses and all that) and to be honest is kind of school yard, but there you go.
    We should have policy in this country, no matter how long you’ve been here, if you werent born here and if you decide to commit a crime, any crime, your out back where you crawled from. Any rights rescinded once offences committed..
    Look at Dot com…
    Foreigner born overseas – yes
    Criminal convictions – yes
    Disgusting fatbody – yes
    For comparison Whale, quick yes/no quiz for you. Answer the same 3 questions.

    • Kiwi born overseas – Yes…I am not a foreigner, never have been, but was born overseas
      Criminal Convictions…nope, summary offences yes, like a speeding ticket…not Crimes act…so no.
      Disgusting Fatbody…I weigh a bit over 100kg and nowhere near 200kg which I suspect is a little light for the Fat German…so no

      Now fuck off.

      • disqus_FM6nS7AF5V

        Read the questions again Cam.
        Were you born overseas? yes? then you are foreign born, a foreigner. Not from here. Did you appear in court and receive punishment? yes? I have a few speeding tickets – never been summonsed for them.Are DC’s insider trading convictions crimes act offences? So you have a record yes? We have all seen you Cam, your no athlete lets be honest.
        And “Now fuck off”?
        Can you not see the hypocrisy?

        • Are you annoying? Yes.
          Are you being repetitive? Yes.
          Are you going to fuck off?……. I hope so but wouldn’t bet any money on it.

          • disqus_FM6nS7AF5V

            Ah the cuckold wife. Stoically supportive till the bitter end.

          • Dave

            Cam. Please do your readers a favour and simply ban this pathetic excuse of a human, for all of our sanity. Sorry to assume to speak for others, happy to be scolded if anyone disagrees.

          • Hey Dave, I find it only hurts if it is true so I’m not worried :)

          • Dave

            Yeah, I’m meaning for everyone, a good pointed and vigorous debate is fine, but not attacking the host, or especially their wife. Funny thing is, how do we know that disqus_FM6…….. is even a kiwi !!

          • Losing the argument so you start attacking the missus…nice…say it to her face and see how you get on…not well is what I am predicting.


          • Geez Cam I really don’t think you should show pics of me ready for bed especially when I hadn’t had time to do my hair or makeup. ( Pout )

        • Rodger T

          er, no. 4

        • I am not a foreigner you useless cunt…both of my parents are Kiwis.

        • Do your own research,,,but yes insider trading is a Crimes Act oiffence…no I do not have a record…I can travel to the US, and have, htye are non-declarable convictions….with fines jail time…whereas the fat German has to declare his…and probably why he hasn’t and doesn’t travel very often to the US despite his “clean slate” deal with German authorities.

          Kim Dotcon runs from authorities every time he gets in reason he won’t be going back to Hong King anytime soon.

  • Mr_V4

    This is worth a read for some background.