Invercargill/Whangarei? It’s an easy mistake I guess.

That fire engine must have a bloody good engine for the miles it does.

Now it is helping fight fires in Invercargill.



Glad to see they caught someone since the last time they used the image


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  • Stuart Dumphries

    All that image needs to complete the fakeness is Kris Faafoi riding on top.

  • Lofty

    Yes yes well it is a Scania…good trucks

  • cows4me

    Whatever you do don’t buy a fire engine offered in the Horrid classifieds, it will be fucken worn out.

  • Dave

    Easy mistake, sure, Especially when the person writing the article, and sub editor or idiotor are based off shore and don’t even know where NZ is, let alone the geography of NZ. Such are the issues at the Herald these days.

    Lesson 1 Herald team. NZ has Four islands. Stewart Island, Small and the last land mass before Antarctica, just to the south of the south Island. South Island, also known as the mainland as its bigger then the North Island, and has better Ski Fields. North Island, where the capital and Parliament is. Then there is the big West island, its over 1000 km to the west, its also known as Australia. PS Its over 2000km from invercargill to Northland, and a 3.5 hour ferry ride in the middle.

  • who does one email to tell them that their news is an unprofessional joke?

  • In today’s Herald we have a page 2 article about someone who is at a funeral of a friend only to be pulled out as her father has died (which is tragic but really, how is this even in the newspaper let alone on page 2) and an article that aligns someone going 1km/h over the speed limit as ‘ignoring the speed limit’ (if I was ignoring the speed limit I would be doing 20-30km/h over the limit) and focuses on the fact that some people still go over the limit rather than fewer go over the limit (or the fact that roads have improved, cars have improved, and maybe the limit should be increased).

    I wish Auckland had another daily paper to read while I have my morning coffee.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    I normally agree with articles about mistakes the Herald makes but in this case ” What the Hell Does it Matter”. After all its only a photo showing a Fire Truck to go with the article. Surely it doesn’t matter where the truck is from. They need to sort out their actual writing mistakes before worrying about a picture. If it was a picture of an Ambulance then thats a different thing.