Is this Fossy’s next gay ute?

A concerned reader emails:

Gay ute, Ford Ranger

Is this Fossy’s next gay ute?

Cam, the Sydney Morning Herald has written about the new gay ute from Ford.

The issue is that they like the New Ford Ranger Wildtrak, and think Hugh Jackman would be a likely celebrity owner….it’s sickening Cam, not a good way to start 2013.

Please make sure Fossy doesn’t see this.

A concerned reader.

Yes this is certainly very concerning. I understand that Fossy is indeed looking for a new gay ute, his old gay one, that was seen off road the other day when it had to avoid a car park puddle at Napier airport, has been barely used, ever since he scored the Crown BMW limo with his ministers job.

MPs certainly can’t be seen in cars older than 4 years…what would their ever suffering constituents think?

Note in this review that they got a chick to do it…says it all really:

Pfft…tough and rugged…if it was they wouldn’t have a gil reviewing it. Gay.


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  • Ronnie Chow

    These things look like paddling pools . How can real men drive them ?

    • They don’t. Real men wouldn’t be seen dead standing next to one

    • geoff3012

      I will probabby get spanked but I think it looks cool

  • PM of NZ

    Get real. It’s a Ford.

  • cows4me

    Looks like a townie pussie mobeel. Most utes these days are designed by poofs. Utes use to belong in the country now they are fashion accessory.

    • GregM

      Exactly. What use would this thing be? Probably OK for towing but you couldn’t even fit a motorbike on the back. First stream crossing you would end up with a flat spot in the soft alloy wheels, no ground clearance, the list goes on,
      Who buys these things?

      • cows4me

        Don’t get me wrong Greg and Callum, it someone gave me one for free I wouldn’t say no but the money one pays for these vehicles is not real value for someone like myself. In 2003 I brought a little Suzuki carry, 660 cc . You buy these vehicles and build them to your own requirements. 4×4 ute, big tray, built roll and bull bars , leaning platform for night hunting, knobby ties. The fucker will go anywhere. The cost $11,000 probably spent a $1000 over the last 10 years on tyres and parts. There’s no way you can get the same value out of these poofer machines when it comes to work on the land

        • GregM

          All good Cows.
          Hows the weather treating you down there? Good for milk production, not so good for hay making I’m guessing?

          • cows4me

            Yeah it’s been fantastic Greg, about 18% ahead in production then the same time last year. Bit pissed off, will end up having to buy more shares from Fonterra at about $7 a share it adds up. Last year they were $4.25 a share, Fonterra has been taken over buy flash Harrys and shyster queen street lawyers.

    • Callum

      Heard good reports on these through clients of mine who bought 20 Rangers (worker spec rather than Wildtrak) for their hill country farms. Haven’t rolled any of these yet (lost three of the last Nissans that way lol ) so can’t be too bad, will see how they cope through winter.