Is this John Key’s Political Philosophy?

I’m not sure Bill English, or even John Key will be pleased with this Facebook effort from new minister Michael Woodhouse:



There is a massive difference between being a Chief Whip and a Minister.

If only National had a Malcolm Tucker to have a nice polite chat with him:



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  • English, but not English’s.

  • Meg

    Can you imagine if a Minister of the Crown actually behaved like that.

    Shit that would be funny.

    “Not the time love, I’m busy, fuck off”.

  • StupidDisqus

    H2 was H1’s Malcolm Tucker.

    Who’s JK got? Who can marshall all the media forces of darkness to hound a Minister to an assisted suicide?

  • LionKing

    Fucketybob what a dickhead. Clearly thought the post was incredibly clever. #fail

  • anniem

    Bloody hell, what a dork. Not clever mate, not clever. Pull your head in and behave how you are expected to in your position

  • Patrick

    What an absolute dumbarse – talk about giving ammunition to the opposition. If this is the best National can do IQ wise then god help them