Jacinda wants an inquiry, what about inquiring about thieving scum in Northland?

Jacinda Ardern called for an inquiry, for the sake of our tourism reputation, into the incident at the Sky Tower when a mentally ill drop kick tried to top himself.

Perhaps she might like to call for an inquiry into thieving scum in Northland who are doing a whole lot more damage to?tourism?that a single nutbar in Auckland.

Thieves stole dozens of boogie boards from a tour bus that got bogged down in sand on Ninety Mile Beach at the weekend.

The bus was operating a tour run by the Fullers GreatSights company and got into trouble while driving along the beach shortly before 11am on Sunday.

Fullers GreatSights Bay of Islands general manager Charles Parker said yesterday the tourists had been transferred to other buses.

It was while the driver of the stranded bus had been away from it, waiting for help to arrive, that it had been targeted.

The bus had not been returned to the Bay of Islands base yet and the damage was being assessed by a contractor in the Far North.

Mr Parker said he was unsure of the total damage and had not yet done an inventory of stolen items.

However, he was aware that at least 31 boogie boards and a first-aid kit had been taken.

Utter scum. Dollars to donuts they are Labour voters…we won’t see a call for an inquiry over this one.