Jeremy Clarkson talks about punching Piers Morgan

…and getting invited for a cup of tea in Palmerston North.

Bonus video: 2010 Flashback of Jon Stewart ripping Piers Morgan.  


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  • Captain Crab

    Never knew that about Jezza. I like him more for it. Mind you Piers has about as many viewers as John Campbell , another guy who probably deserves a smack on his smarmy propaganda spewing mouth.

    • Michael

      Clarkson smacked Morgan for printing a picture of him kissing his (female) boss. Apparently, they were just friends.

      The best one is when GW Bush fell off a Segway Morgan asked how much of a moron you have to be to fall off one. Then Morgan proceeded to fall off his a few weeks later.

  • Tom

    10 points to Clarkson!

  • cows4me

    See CNN has a new arse kicker who has been brought in revive the ratings. If he was wise he should start with Morgan. On second thoughts a fair amount viewers probably tune in to watch the liberal, pommie git, upset them. Even I’ve been tempted to throw something at the tv while watching him.

  • toby_toby

    I’d like to shake the hand that punched Piers Morgan. It’s the closest I’ll get to punching him myself.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    How soon can I not live on this planet anymore?