Jewellery Store Heist! Who ya gonna call?

No this isn’t a shot of a movie set.

This is a real Dutch police woman from the Haaglanden Police. ?She’s investigating the robbery of a Jewellery store.


The robbers entered the store and sprayed pepper spray on the customers and the staff before grabbing expensive watches and running out and taking off on bicycles. (This is the Netherlands, after all)

For those of you who want to investigate a little further, such as, “Why isn’t she wearing a bullet proof vest?”, follow this link to a HD Video and stills taken from it.

For those of you who want to have a closer look at the tools of Dutch policing, no need to thank me.

Here’s a bit of Google Translate fun:

Thick pluskudo for this particularly attractive chick-detective of the Police Haaglanden.?That counts as a hit with the ugly stigma of policewomen who always a fat ass in their operational trousers.?For example, the crime also be fought: a beautiful woman + gun holster which nevertheless may show her curves.?Away with that woman-hating police uniforms without form …?She was working after the robbers of Jeweler Koekkoek in Wassenaar were overpowered by bystanders.?Just be robbers: the most beautiful girl in police Netherlands has you so locked.?Real shame that GSHQ not near The Hague is, otherwise they feel an afternoon crime in our neighborhood may dissolve.