Jobs for the bros under threat, Joris de Bres says something sensible

Looks like jobs for the bros is under threat in Ngati Porou with racist bully boy tactics going on over who should be the CEO:

Two non-Maori candidates have been short-listed for the position of Ngati Porou chief executive, sparking dissent within the tribe.

The selection process for a new chief executive was done through recruiting company Sheffield and produced five final candidates, three from Ngati Porou and two non-Maori.

Just the fact there is a candidate from outside Ngati Porou has been too much for Te Aitanga a Hauiti, who consider themselves an independent tribe but are closely affiliated with Ngati Porou through tradition and today are part of the corporate body, Te Runanganui O Ngati Porou (TRONP).

They reacted by withdrawing their support for the annual Pa Wars, a significant event on the tribal calendar, which was due to be held at Uawa.

“We would like to express our distaste that Te Runanganui O Ngati Porou are even considering . . . a CEO who is not of Ngati Porou descent, let alone Maori, despite interviewing some quality Ngati Porou applicants,” they said in a statement.

“Te Aitanga a Hauiti feel strongly that we cannot support TRONP in this matter and therefore we withdraw our support and will not host Pa Wars in Uawa in 2013.”

Can you imagine the fuss if this was Rotary, or the Northern Club and stipulated that only Grumpy Old White Men could have the CEO positions….the outrage from Maori would be huge.

Why is that Maori can be racist and not anyone else. 

At least Joris de Bres seems to have his full bag of marbles at the moment:

But the exclusion of candidates based on race could breach the Human Rights Act.

“It is unlikely that one could mount an argument for a position to exclude applicants that are non-Maori,” said Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres. “Even if you are an ethnic organisation you cannot discriminate on ethnicity.”

While a job description may not discriminate on racial background, it may require an applicant to have a specific cultural background to be the ideal candidate.

“You have to advertise for skills not ethnicity. These can be knowledge, understanding and experience. But there is probably not a single one that wouldn’t remain open to someone who wasn’t of any ethnicity,” said de Bres.

No doubt he will be leaned on to ‘adjust’ his thinking.


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  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    Ngati Porou should tell this little pissfart Hapu to go screw itself.

    Forty years ago, I was told by an eminent member of Ngati Porou, that some twenty years earlier, the IWI had made a decision to employ Pakeha managers for its many large sheep and cattle operations on the Eas’ Coas’. That is why they were so profitable and well run. The tribe recognised that at the time their own peoloe did not have the skills and abilities to run these businesses. No doubt today they are managed by competent and well educated IWI members, some of whom would have been taught by those early managers.

    It is not hard to find find Maori who are long on rhetoric and short on brains and ability.

    One need only look at the commercial career of that National Party icon, Sir Graham Latimer.. He sent the Waitangi Toutist Hotel broke by giving away so many promotional free rooms there werre none left to sell and the cashflow stopped.

    Neat! Eh Bro?

    • Dave

      Good on you Adolf. I agree with you, best person for the job should get it regardless of race, colour creed etc. If it goes to a non maori, they can always have a skilled Maori affairs and cultural advisor at hand for those functions. Its also ironic, Maori employ many Pakeha lawyers and advisers for their treaty claims, but a few get upset if they might end up with a Pakeha CEO.

  • Callum

    You miss a bit part of the story here. The reason Te Aitanga a Hauiti are make a big deal about this is they were forced into the Ngati Porou settlement group. They have long disputed being part of it and are pretty unhappy their claim was usurped by Ngati Porou who they view as a Crown friendly group forced on them in the 1860’s from memory.

  • BR

    Doris is a waste of taxpayer’s money nonetheless. One sensible statement does not a worthy public statement make.

    Add the useless bastard to the ever lengthening list of public servants and their associated bureaucracies which are not needed, wanted or serve any useful purpose whatsoever, and that should be disestablished forthwith.