Ken Ring barking at the moon again

Ken Ring really is a tool, I don’t know why people even believe him anymore. Take his latest weather predictions for the South Island.

Self-proclaimed weather guru Ken Ring is wildly astray in his January predictions for the South Island hydro lakes region, in his 2013 weather almanac.

His summary for January, based on lunar patterns, says “the driest regions for the South Island for January may be the hydro lakes”.

But Environment Canterbury flood controller Tony Henderson said the 500mm of rain in the Waitaki and Rangitata river catchments over four days was “probably the most we’ve had over the summer in several decades”

People should really start calling Ken Ring the real title applied to people who are mad as a cut snake and influenced by the moon…lunatic.

He spends far too much time barking at the moon, which leads of course into classic Ozzy Osbourne – Bark at the Moon


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  • Ronnie Chow

    Ken Ring said “today will be almost half dark , with rain , wind and earthquakes somewhere ”
    Apparently , he has a great following amongst schoolteachers and WINZ staffers , skinheads and homeopaths.

  • Hugewon

    He can stick the moon up his Ring for all I care

  • disqus_QN2KFTI7FI

    Well first of all the month isn’t even half over yet and the almanac does list rain in the catchments in the first half of January, and plenty on the West Coast (almost every day in the first 10 days of the year, see p64 of this year’s almanac), and in Southland. I think this is a case of made-up news because the name Ken Ring is always good for a slag-off..

    • SJ00

      Considering he ‘predicts’ the weather at least a year in advance, he does a fairly good job. As good as the met service is, 2 days out. Hes not saying he is 100% all the time. He is just as good as the met service. Try ‘guessing’ what the weather will do and I bet you will be worse than what Ken Ring is. If the moon and sun have no influence on the weather, then what does? If you agree the sun and the moon has some influence, then you a ‘crackpot’ like Ken is. People need to give the guy a break. People should read about why he makes his forecasts before they say he is a loon.
      As you mentioned, he forecast the wet West Coast weather.. was that a fluke?

      • Pete George

        “he forecast the wet West Coast weather.. was that a fluke?”

        Haha, anyone can forecast wet weather on the Wet Coast and score quite a few flukes.

        Ring doesn’t do a ‘fairly good job’. Throwing dice would be as accurate.

  • His complete lack of science can be proven right now. To show how little influence the moons gravity has, pick up a pen. Then you have defeated all the gravitational forces in the universe that was exerted on the pen.

    • SJ00

      Does the moon not cause tides? Yip, so little influence.

      • Correct, despite the mass of the moon it doesn’t lift water by much. If gravity was a strong force we’d have crashed into the sun long ago. (or more correctly the expansion of the universe would have stopped and collapsed in on itself).

        • disqus_QN2KFTI7FI

          What rubbish. Gravity is the ONLY force in the universe. What do you think holds you to the ground? To lift the whole ocean by 2 meters twice a day is no small matter. And if the moon lifts the water its gonna lift the air as well. And that, meaning moon, is gonna som,ehow change weather. I find that easier to believe than your denial of it. Are you a merterologist Michael?

          • Michael

            The Sun changes our weather you blithering idiot. If the moon influenced weather there would be predictable mini-seasons within our seasons and once forecast they would never need changing from year to year like tidal charts.

          • disqus_QN2KFTI7FI

            Hold the phone. The sun is more constant. It is in the same place date for date year in and year out. If the sun determined weather then the same weather should be on same dates but the moon is in differnt places and we all know the weather changes date for date. So whose the idiot now?

          • Michael

            You really have a very poor grip on really basic observable astronomy. (Probably why you use Ring’s astrology.)

            The sun is not constant, it’s activity changes day by day. You’ve heard of solar flares, sunspots and solar maximums? The change in the amount of solar energy earth gets effects the weather.

            You might notice it’s been hotter than the average temperature recently, this is due to the earths tilt. If the earth was not tilted then earths weather would be more constant (although still changeable due to variation in amounts of solar energy reaching earth)

            And you do realise that the earth orbit is elliptical and controlled by the Sun’s gravity – else we’d float off into the rest of the universe. The difference in distance throughout the year is about 5 million kilometres – this variation is more than 10 times the distance from the earth to the moon (and remember the Sun is about 4 million times more massive than the moon)

            And the sun (along with everything in the Milky Way Galaxy) is orbiting the centre of our galaxy. While I’m sitting at my computer typing this I have passed through a place in the Universe to which I will never return. Every second the Sun takes 220km on the 200 million year orbit around the galaxy, and it drags us along as well.

  • disqus_QN2KFTI7FI

    Why does Ken Ring get slagged if he makes one mistake? The metservice bods said last summer would be a scorcher and they were wrong. Then last July they said winter was at an end and we were entering a warm spring, and that also turned out seriously wrong and some farmers were badly caught by snow in october. Be fair and give us an article about metservices mistakes. We’re supposed to be a sporting country.