Kim Dotcom won’t like this study one little bit

Kim DotCon is not going to be very happy about this finding…perhaps it is the reason why he is studiously trying to avoid court.

Researchers at Yale University’s Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity have found that a defendant’s body weight and gender impact jurors’ perceptions of guilt and responsibility.

Their research has been published online in the International Journal of Obesity.

The online study involved 471 adult participants. They were presented with a mock court case, including images of alleged defendants. Participants viewed one of four defendant images: a lean male, a lean female, an obese male, and an obese female. After viewing each of these, participants were asked to rate how guilty they thought the defendant was. 

Male respondents were significantly more likely to find the obese female defendant guilty than the lean female defendant. Lean male respondents were significantly more likely to believe that the obese femal defendant met criteria for cheque fraud, and indicated a greater belief that she would be a repeat offender compared with the lean female defendant.

Female respondents judged the two female defendants equally regardless of weight.

Among all respondents – male and female – there were no differences in assessment of guilt or responsibility between the obese male and lean male defendants.


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