Labour bombs opportunity to catch out Nats

The election of Speaker was held today and David Carter was elected Speaker.

With a shabby little stitch up by Bill English and his mates in order to get Nick Smith back into cabinet, John Key pretended that caucus had decided to nominate David Carter. Many caucus members I have spoken too were wondering if they had missed the caucus meeting where they decided on Carter, even those with perfect attendance records. The only thing missing from the dirty smoke-filled back rooms in this deal was the smoke.

Labour had a chance though to upset the march towards the speaker’s chair of Carter, if only the immense personal ego of Trevor Mallard hadn’t got in the way. 

Labour, nominated Mallard against David Carter and so forced a vote. It was a silly move and although they would have guaranteed the votes of their own party, the Green Taliban and NZ First there simply wouldn’t have been enough to peel off one or two votes from National.

A far better plan would have been to nominate Maurice Williamson, then the pressure would have been on Peter Dunne, a stickler for process at parliament to resist the bullying from Key’s office and likewise with John Banks… A quality candidate like my mate Maurice would have had the possibility of splitting off some votes from Carter and then the possibility of an upset…because Williamson would have voted for himself as well.

Instead they let ego get in the way, proved nothing other than a delay and annoyance and ultimately lost the chance to embarrass the government and instead made themselves look like bunny draughts players.

They must really hate Trevor Mallard to put him up on a losing proposition…then again this was probably thought up as a master strategy by Trev himself.


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  • Dan

    Interesting, but not as interesting as this. How come you haven’t been writing on it recently, by the way?
    Last I recall, you were running a score; think it’s about time you revised it?

  • It was hilarious to watch though. Absolutely stupidity from a hapless Opposition.

  • Meg

    2 things, 1: It probably didn’t even occur to Labour to do that, and B: why is it only up to Labour?

    There are other opposition parties. I think a better thread title would have been “Opposition Parties bomb etc…”

    And while I agree this is nothing short of a stitch up by Key and English, and has dented the standing of the House, is Carter that bad a choice? It would have been fun to have had Mallard up there, but he could not do the job in my opinion.

    • pukakidon

      Isnt Mallard still holding the position of Bullshitter?

      • Meg

        No, that’s the National party.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Perhaps it was Labour throwing Mallard a bone to try and make him feel like he’s useful and contributing before he is put out to pasture with next month’s reshuffle / vote?

  • Carter cannot be as bad as Margaret Wilson. And Labour, you should have nominated Williamson… or Winston Peters, as a poacher turned gamekeeper

    • Gazzaw

      You’re dead right about Margaret Wilson but the worst ever was Gerard Wall, the Labour appointed Speaker in the Lange government whose blatant bias was even acknowledged by Mallard today. He scored a knighthood immediately on his retirement after just one term (he was that bad) so nuff said about backroom deals about Speaker’s appoinmtents.

  • Pete George

    This was just a trial run by Labour, getting people used to the idea of them installing Mallard as speaker after the election next year.

    In the meantime, in order to prove that he will have the non-partisan balance and the gravitas required for the job Mallard will distance himself from any involvement with Labour strategic planning or black ops, and he will become a model MP devoted to promoting parliament as a positive, co-operative institution where the good of the country is paramount.

    Or KhandallahViper may have revealed the real aim:
    “He could use those talents to make Parliament more relevant to the many who think is is not: the many who do not vote.”

    That’s the 800,000 who Labourites think they can magically convince to buy their bull.

    ‘Eddie’ predicted the Mallard nomination for Speaker

  • Anomymouse Coward

    I for one support the election of David Carter to the Speakers position.

    It means he is no longer able to hand out taxpayers cash will-nilly to his mates in the landed gentry for irrigation schemes.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    May be Peter Dunne could have been nominated….

  • Mark

    A blow to the integrity of Parliament and NZ’s international reputation…or NZ gets what it deserves – David Carter elected as Parliaments next Speaker.

  • J.M

    Nice on Labour, nominating a man with a criminal record to be speaker of the house of representatives.

  • Pete George

    Revelations on Labour’s Mallard speaker ploy reveals a mind bogglingly hypocritical attempt at game playing. I don’t think even Eddie could makr this up:

    Shearer hypocrisy over Mallard speaker ploy

    How much dumber can Labour get? (No answer expected).

  • Mr_V4

    Surprised the Greens didn’t put up child mp or mojo.