Labour’s Triple A strategy

Grant Robertson was on ZB this morning talking about a range of things, like his lack of leadership ambition (cough), his respect for the good job David Shearer is doing (cough), and his opposition to, er well everything.

He also spoke of Labour’s miracle housing policy.

You know, the policy where Labour would borrow money to build $30b worth of houses on sections that don’t exist, while still managing to cost the taxpayer nothing? ….Now known as Triple A (Affordable Auckland Apartments)and probably about as effective…spraying money skyward in the attempt to lower house prices. 

Robertson confirmed today that the plan in Auckland is apartments.  Lots of them. And for the record, if you did ever get your hands on one of the Labour Party’s affordable shoe-boxes, the policy means you can feel free to sell it for capital gain/loss (if you can).

Clearly they have abandoned the title Affordable Homes,… mainly because they have no intention of these being homes, rather just tatty little apartments.

BONUS VIDEO: AAA in action



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  • Pete George

    Grant Robertson observed this morning how the Black Caps team have lifted themselves off the canvas after being in disarray with leadership problems.

    Would Mike Hesson make a good caucus coach? Lesson 1 – how to avoid ducks.

  • ConwayCaptain

    The Akl Council economist was on the radio this morning. They want to build 1000’s of homes for the 1 million people coming ionto Akl in the enxt 30 years. 70% of these homes will be in the existing city footprint.
    This means infill housing or apartments and we know what that means. Here we have a city with one road in from the North and one in from the south. Built on 30+”Extinct” volcanoes and we have water level rising or so they say. Do these people have no common sense???
    This is a disaster waiting to happen. Any country that has 40%+ of its population living in a squashed in area is looking for trouble. House and/or homes will be priced out of the reach of any working people and businesses will find it too expensive to operate if the cost of premises is too high.
    Loopy et al are LOOPY

  • ConwayCaptain

    That gun in various Mks jas been around since pre WW 2. That and the Oerlikon 20mm

    • Jester

      “been around since pre WW 2”

      So just like the Labour Caucus then Capt.

  • blokeintakapuna

    So – Labour’s “Brilliant” 10,000 homes will actually be apartment homes – not much larger than a shoe box – as already mentioned on here – and should that ever come to pass it would mean a Labour government, so Labour would want the State to build these initially, probably for the lowest possible price = 1960 Soviet Style hi rise building so very basic in amenities and even lesser in visual appeal… that no one will want to live in.

    Except for maybe those with their hands out and an entitlement mentality – then when they realise their hi-rise apartment shoe box is not to the standard like the Hilton – they’ll treat them just like they do with HNZ houses and trash the place… or the street kid gangs will run their tinnie houses from them.. harassing the local residents like they always do in these type of developments.

    Then Auckland will have eye sore hi rises resembling 1960’s Soviet style tower blocks, that no one will want to live in and no one will be able to live in – because they will be vandalised and crammed full of people that don’t even have the self respect to educate themselves into higher paying employment…let alone respect for their neighbours / community.

    Otara slums comes to Auckland CBD except in hi rise format…

    Another “Brilliant & well thought out” Labour initiative…

    • Gazzaw

      You’ve got it BIT. Just like the tower block crime warrens that the Brits built in the 60s and are now tearing down as fast as they possibly can.

      • Patrick

        Agree – stayed in one back in my stupid youth – what a drug, crime & prostitute infested hell hole it was. Cheap though – but you are right even the Poms admitted the error of their ways & are frantically pulling these hell holes down. Only thing slowing them down are the f&cktards that try to get the buildings heritage listings – some fools think these architectural carbuncles are worth protecting.

  • stinkeye3

    “Labour build immigrant cages to replace taxpayers who fled in 2014”

  • Phar Lap

    Still wondering why the latest Lie-bour mouth piece on Newstalk ZB in Wellington guy called Tim Fookes is called a talkback host.In another life he was part of the Soper and co Liebour arse licking brigade.No wonder the Liebour Leader in waiting Robertson was invited on to todays show.Seems Fookes who couldnt cut the mustard when he was working in a Melbourne Radio Station,is back in Wellington looking after his socialist mates.

  • ConwayCaptain

    A friend of my sons is a lawyer who does legal aid work and his fiancee does in house child care work.
    They have bought a house in Gisborne as they can both do similar work there and at a lot cheaper prices for premises as they work from home!!
    In my little street in Putaruru there are 16 houses, three are now occupied by refugees from Len Brown;s “SUPER” city.
    What will happen eventually is that workers will depand an ‘Aucklanmd weighting” on their salaries as there is a “London Weighting” in the UK.

  • Pita

    Ahhh…I just love the urine-soaked smell of stairwells in the morning.

    • Gazzaw

      Have a wander up to the state flats in Greys Ave then Pita & indulge yourself.