Lazy coppers letting dodgy politicians get away with murder

In TRUTH‘s January 3 issue I wrote about the outrage of the failure of Police (full article online) to even investigate electoral law breaches.

Police are sitting on more than twenty open investigations referred to them for prosecution under the Electoral Act by the Electoral Commission.

Truth has obtained details under the Official Information Act that reveal Police seem to have no interest in prosecuting offences and breaches of the Electoral Act.

Of the 32 cases referred, 6 have lapsed because the prosecution time limit has expired.

62 dual vote referrals remain open and un-prosecuted.

Headline cases referred by the Electoral Commission that remain open with little or no progress are the Green party worker Jolyon White’s alleged vandalism of National’s signs at the 2011 election, several of Labour’s flyers including their ‘Stop Asset Sales’, ‘Prices are Rising faster than wages’ and ‘Ohariu Census’ pamphlets.

Only 3 cases have been closed, with no action or prosecution resulting.

Now Radio Live and Radio New Zealand are reporting the story like they actually went to the bother of using the OIA to obtain the figures and details. 

Labour are shamelessly calling for the issue to be sorted which a bit rich considering they are named in most of the breaches.

TRUTH believes Edgeler is on the money, for minor offences substantial fines against political parties and individuals that break Electoral Law need to be instant and issued by the Electoral Commission, for larger breaches like Labour’sc2005 pledge card rort an Independent Commission Against Corruption needs to be established, not unlike Australia has.

To continue with blatant and repeated breaches remaining unpunished encourages political corruption, we need to maintain our top position in the
Transperency International corruption rankings as the least corrupt nation in the world. Enforcing the law would go a long way to achieving this.

Nice to see other media trailing TRUTH. Remember if you want to read it first buy TRUTH each week.

Police OIA Response to Electoral Law Breaches from 2011 Election by NZTruth


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  • Ronnie Chow

    Aah…….Corruption….. . Welcome to New Zealand . Residence forthcoming .

  • Apolonia

    This is a disgrace

  • williamabong

    Time expired = we dragged our feet as incompetents and fucked around for so long it expired, in other words we couldn’t catch a fucking cold.

    And we all thought we may have seen a change in our police when Clark left town, wrong again.

    • SJ00

      Why the heck is there even a time limit? Shouldn’t all crimes have a time limit then? Imagine having to explain what you were doing 20 years ago.. I can barely remember yesterday.
      The simple answer, if the Police don’t have the resources, drive, patience or time, is to remove this time limit.

  • Lofty

    The Clarke legacy lingers

  • peterwn

    Bluntly, if it is a choice between dealing with burglaries and electoral offences (which are sufficiently few as to not impact on the integrity of the elections), guess how you would like police resources to be used, especially if your house was burgled. Please do not compare with burglaries and speed enforcement as Parliament votes police via NZTA a traffic policing budget. Having said that I have my personal reasons for wanting to see Jolyon White nailed for hoarding damage (and Metiria Turei charged as a party).

    • Peter, these laws are supposed to uphold our democratic processes. The failure of police to act merely serves as a great big thumbs up for politicians to break the law…they know they will never be penalised…they will take increasing liberties with the law and then our democracy is gone…because burglary is much more important you know…well guess what by breaking electoral law they are stealing democracy.

      • peterwn

        Have to agree on this one (and gave a ‘vote up’)! Would also agree with the Electoral Commission being given the power to mount its own prosecutions. Some mechanism needs to be found to require the Police to provide a reasonable resource for electoral work, or alternatively the Commission be allowed to hire private detectives to help with prosecutions.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Sheep will fix all this in 2014. He promises

  • Pissedoffyouth

    I can’t wait to destroy some Green signs this election coming up

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  • Gee

    Whatever happened to the Daljit Singh multiple fraudulent voter registration inquiry which at one time had a murder enquiry sized squad investigating.

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