Let’s get fracking…now

If it wasn’t for the green taliban and the boy MP, Gareth Hughes, dramatically misleading people we would be able to get on with fracking a whole lot faster.

We should stop listening to the green taliban and start listening to people like?Ronald Bailey?argues?that the “environmental and economic benefits of fracking greatly outweigh the costs“:

Environmental activists, who once hailed natural gas as the bridge fuel to the renewable energy future, have?turned with a vengeance against it. Originally, activists who worried about man-made global warming produced by burning fossil fuels that emit carbon dioxide favored fracking because burning natural gas produces about half the carbon dioxide emitted by coal. However, local and national environmental groups have turned decisively against shale gas based on both not-in-my-backyard concerns and the fear that cheap natural gas undermines the economic case for solar and wind power.

The green taliban are covered by the shield of sanctimony which protects them from hypocrisy.?

Natural gas is outcompeting coal as a cheap fuel for producing electricity and the result is that U.S. carbon dioxide emissions are down sharply to a level last seen around 1992. In addition, a study comparing the costs and benefits of coal with those of conventional and shale gas in the February 2013 issue of Energy Policy finds that burning natural gas produces far less in the way of air pollutants like sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, soot, and mercury. The authors conclude that a shift from coal to gas would “reduce the overall likelihood of health problems affecting the nervous system, inner organs, and the brain”…

It is high time we looked toward progress rather than the anti-human wasteland that the green taliban would have live in.