Lindsay Perigo, that name rings a bell…

Remember Paul Holmes?

Lindsay Perigo - via

Lindsay Perigo – via

Well, before Paul Holmes, there was this guy called Lindsay Perigo, and he was the TV attack interviewer in his day.  Think Kim Hill will trousers on.  If you’re lucky.

Well, he’s been irrelevant for several decades now, but he occasionally pops up to try and peddle his outdated wares.

To wit:

I wonder how many television viewers there are like me for whom watching the six o’clock news on TVNZ or TV3 was until recently a staple of their daily routine, but who now repair to online sources for their news because the network bulletins have become unwatchable – or more precisely, unlistenable?

An army of airheads has been let loose on the airwaves who have no business being anywhere near a microphone sounding the way they do. They don’t speak, they quack.

Of course, Mr Pedigree joined the media back in the day when all New Zealanders had to sound like they were recently snatched from the BBC

The newsreaders’ quacking, droning, grunting and mumbling are our worst form of noise pollution.

Their “yeah-no,” “you-know,” “like, like,” “awesome,” “cool,” “wodevva,” and so on are the bane of coherent conversation. Their mangled vowels and muddied consonants make swine sound educated.

They are clueless about the distinction between “children” and “choowdren,” “Wellington” and “Wawwington,” “vulnerable” and “vunrable,” “the six o’clock news” and “the sucks o’clock news,” “showers” and “showwwwwwaz,” “known” and “knowen,” “well” and “wow,” “health” and “howth,” “New Zealand” and “New Zilland”.

Aah man, he doesn’t know anythink.

But he has not lost the ability to rant and lose the plot

Not only being able to watch the news again, but also freedom and civilisation themselves, are at stake.

Really?  Lindsay?  Really?

With all the crap that’s on the news, you choose to pick on their accents and claim this threatens freedom and civilisation?


Anyway, on TV news, Americans sound American, Australians sound Australian.  What the hell is your point exactly?  That New Zealanders are degrading themselves by choosing not to sound British?

Time to hang up your keyboard buddy.



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  • Stuart Dumphries

    There there Lindsay, have another glass of wine.

  • When the newsreaders/reports sound like New Zealanders it is not so bad. It is when they sound like fifteen year old Westie mall girls that I switch to watch the Comedy Channel.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    My old man, a farmer, used to watch the 6pm news religiously, especially for the weather forecasts.

    Showed him Metservices website a while ago, now I don’t think he bothers turning the TV on at night sometimes.

  • jt32

    Sad to see that he’s turned into a drunken old ponce, he was a good journo and interviewer in his day.

  • Pete George

    I don’t care about their accents or their pronounciation, that’s a trivial sideshow.

    What’s important is what they say – which is too often a bunch of badly scripted bull.

    6pm used to be TV news time. Now it is show time, with self appointed (ok, management appointed) media ‘star’ constructs with a bit of what’s been happening over the last day or three thrown in.

    Perigo is right about needing to go online to get a decent dose of news, but he is distracting from what’s important quibbling about how things are said.

    You can pronounce trivial overblown crap however you like but it’s still trivial overblown crap.

    • Positan

      Pete, my compliments – truly, you have said it all! I’m another no longer bothered even to attempt to catch the nightly rubbish that masquerades as NZ’s TV news. While the language usage is pitiful and the self-important, shallow dorks perform pathetically, what little substance there once was is no longer existent.

    • Patrick

      You’re on to it Pete, I am not so bothered by the accents but the content is dire. Most programmes including the news appear to have been produced by 15 year old students in their spare time. Inane crap stories about a cat stuck up a tree – how trivial it all has become in NZ. The likes of TV3’s John Campbell lead the race to the bottom.

      • MarcWills

        I agree, except I think 15 yos would do a better job than what we get at present so you are a bit tough on them – sounds more like 5 yos in the playground.

      • AnonWgtn

        The accent is all very well if I could understand it, but being a POM many years back, I still cannot understand the language, let alone what is said.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Theres a difference between sounding British and speaking english. Why is it that all the news readers have to pronounce Maori absolutely spot on, but not English?

    • Dr Wang

      Good point IVV. TVNZ talking heads now seem to pronounce ‘repeat’ as “ree-peet” and ‘defence’ as “dee-fence” – I suspect as a consequence of sports reporters (who followed US sports) being promoted to news-readers and cub-reporters.

      • In Vino Veritas

        Yep, de-fence was something I used to jump at Lancaster Park all those years ago to watch the cricket or footy. If I can be so crass as to mispronounce.

      • Gazzaw

        ………and speaking of “dee fence” the blonde bimbettes who when reporting on military matters insist on using “lootenant” rather than “leftenant”. I suspect as a consequence of watching too many Tom Cruise movies.

  • Pete George

    Here’s a very good post by Frank Macskasy on the current state of news coverage and media:

    NZ media; the Good, the Bad, and the Very, Very, Ugly

    • Why are you linking to that baby name stealing lefty cocksmoker. He never has anything good to say…disappointed Pete, very disappointed

      • Pete George

        I don’t usually like what he has to say but I thought that was a (mostly) very good post, and relevant to this topic. Credit where it’s due.

  • LesleyNZ

    Isn’t Lindsay Perigo the original Libertarian?

    • Liberty

      No Libertarianism has been around for years.
      What Perigo did was bring the movement together..

      • Well, that’s one way to look at it.

        How about tangible results? Based on that, his involvement hasn’t delivered much, has it?

        Excepting the ability for LibertariaNZ to sound off in their own echo chamber.

        • Liberty

          What Tangible Results .
          Just getting people to believe Nanny State is not God
          Is a start.
          What Tangible results has the Labour party achieved after nearly
          100yrs ?
          Will not a lot. You could hardly call turning New Zealand
          into a socialist cesspit. A tangible result. More like an abject fail.
          There has been a good times.
          Like when Dear Leader got on her broom and flew off into the

          • Sadly, Helen Clarke’s legacy is that this country thinks it owes itself a living through the magic of free money that is collected through taxation of “other people”.

            I don’t think Perigo was the right frontman for the job, however much I wish he had been more successful at it.

          • starboard

            Pity she didn’t fly off into the sun..

          • Bunswalla

            She did, but she went at night.

          • Gazzaw

            ……on a broomstick.

  • I don’t care if they “Rap” the news. Just actually give us some news with more than 15 second reports and the studio crossing to a blonde standing close to somewhere where something may have happened hours earlier. Staff interviewing staff without actually telling us anything
    Or just put Alison Pugh on the news for the whole hour. I could look at her all day.

    • Yup, if it aint gonna be news they are giving us, then at least have the garbage read by hot South American chicks

    • LesleyNZ

      Agree! Loving Jack Tame and he is only 26!

      • Dr Wang

        That would be the same Jack Tame that breathlessly told us the other night that “more than 250 people were injured in a dozen road accidents” during white out conditions in Eastern Japan…?

        • LesleyNZ

          Maybe – was he wrong? Jack Tame is just lovely………………….

          • AnonWgtn

            I think he is like a schoolboy jerking himself.

          • LesleyNZ

            You are disgusting.

          • Gazzaw

            Do I sense a touch of the cougar emerging Lesley?

          • LesleyNZ

            If I was his mum I would be very proud of him. He has been brought up well. He has a great future ahead of him.

          • Gazzaw

            Well said Lesley. My wife says exactly the same. Be interesting to see how he handles Holmes’ Saturday morning slot on ZB. He did well first up last week.

    • Liberty

      Linz is being a bit finicky. When it comes pronunciation.
      But he is 100% right with his claim TV one news was “Braindead”
      There is nothing on the 6pm news that has not already been
      in released. Either on the net or radio. We end up with the weather repeated and
      repeated and Socialistic drivel about low
      incomes not being able to pay and extra $2 for prescriptions.
      TV3 is no better with it only redeeming feature is they have
      a nice looking bimbo presenting the weather.
      That would be of little interest to linz

  • I agree that lack of informative content has given way to cross promoting reality TV shows, and puff pieces about penguins and lost kittens. I also agree about the parade of reporters whose voices are a great on the nerves. In years gone by a speech impediment was just that in the field of television and radio journalism. Now anything goes in content and delivery.

  • Red

    I wondered the same myself last night as I watched One & 3 News for the first time in a while…. dire, small minded reporting of trivia and all seemingly requiring satellite links and large vans just inviting tech fuckups and drawn out ping pongy interviews with…. the reporter standing in the rain. Pfft. Major stories buried and given a mere 7 second mention…. I know it seems minor but when some 25 yr old bint is talking about the “bombs” raining down…. and it’s actually “shells” raining down?…. the rest of the story has zero credibility. But maybe that’s the way we like it…. that and 20 minutes of Sport…. which aint News, and never will be.

  • Pete George

    Breaking news – more on what they say (not just on the telly).

    @HenryCooke just tweeted:
    “Delayed breaking: Key collapsed last night, released from hospital after 2.5 hours.”

    We know that the best news doesn’t always happen at 5 to 6 so it can be ‘broken’ breathlessly at 6.03, but this is a new take on where the news focus is, the news tellers.

    Delayed breaking – it happened last night but we’re reporting it NOW!

  • Gazzaw

    Haven’t watched either TV One or TV3 news for a couple of years. Like most others here I know where to source online and I know when & where to access the news & analyses from a mix of Fox, CNN, BBC & Aussie Sky. I wish Al Jazeera had a more comprehensive coverage here. The shame is that not a whole lot of people have either the time or the interest to do this and it’s easier to put up with the nightly dross served up as news by the two mainstream NZ channels. That they could choose to believe it is even worse.

  • SJ00

    To be fair, Lindsay on Radiolive last night said that he wrote this article 2 years ago, submitted it to Stuff and never heard anything from them since, including the fact they were going to post this now. I think it was more a go at news in general, how its gone downhill, etc.

  • Callum

    What I don’t get is why they keep employing presenters with a lisp? If you have a fucking speech impediment maybe don’t pick news presenter as a career?

  • starboard

    I agree with Lindsay.. and he said all this 2 years ago!. Both lots of news are crap. Absolute crap. Breathless repeaters trying to make the news instead of factually reporting it. Bring back Philip Sherry , Dougal Stevenson , Jennie Goodwin and all the fine old reporters of yesteryear. My only news sources now are newspapers and blogs.

  • Gazzaw

    It always gives me a sense of perverse satisfaction to make a special effort and tune into TV One when a ‘weather bomb’ has been predicted or a tsunami is due to hit the Northland coast. The weather bomb invariably turns out to be nothing more than a heavy downpour breathlessly reported on by a bedraggled bimbette huddled under an umbrella and the tsunami hitting Tutukaka marina something akin to the emptying of my bathwater.

  • Richard McGrath

    I’m not sure his “wares” are completely outdated, Cam. They include limited government, sound money, and above all the freedom to seek happiness while not harming others (which doesn’t include bullshit such as “hurt feelings”) – are these ideas really outdated?

    However whether a libertarian party, which aims to stop politicians bribing voters with their own money, can ever hope to compete with other parties who promise to provide a free lunch paid for by someone else, is another matter.

  • Pete George

    Talking about the Kiwi accent, it’s worse for non-Kiwis, I’ve experienced this myself having had trouble being understood by American hostess on a United Airlines flight.

    And I watched a documentary last night on bee problems worldwide. People were interviewed in the US, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France and there was also an Indian women. And some Kiwis.

    The only time they used subtitles was when they interviewed an old codger on the West Coast. I could understand him fine, although he spoke very quickly (a Kiwi fault apparently).

  • Bunswalla

    I don’t know who that Helen Castles is banging to get on the news every night, but she must give fucking good BJs. I’ve never seen a worse reporter on TV – sour face, looks like she just stepped in dogshit and can barely string a sentence together. She did a piece a few weeks ago on police cracking down on cellphone use while driving. She fluffed her (very few) lines twice and just gave up. Wish she would, puts me right off my Friday night Jack Daniels.

  • Dumrse

    Lindsay, perhaps you should sit and ponder what age and time does to ones physique as clearly time has done you no favours….. I don’t recall ever seeing you with a podgey full face. Less drinking, more exercise and try a bit of wrinkle free cream. Then, you may have something worthy of comment.

    • Gazzaw

      He’s not exactly ancient Dumrse, he’s 61. Not ready yet to leave the Libertarianz and join up with Winston. I recall him as being a sharp dresser and a bloody good interviewer. What’s happened?

      • Dumrse

        I Agee I’m just saying he has aged…..just like the diction being discussed.


    Yeah,like spot on Linz.I wus talkin to a service desk dude in
    merica.His accent and prononcation was crustal clear.He asked me to
    wepeat every thing i spoke.I said “is it a bad line”?he replied with :
    “respectfully sir,i can understand little of what you say”

    Posh bloody Yank.dosnt he know i speak English two.Aint my fault he doesn’t understandunglish…


    Yeah,like spot on Linz.I wus talkin to a service desk dude in
    merica.His accent and prononcation was crustal clear.He asked me to
    wepeat every thing i spoke.I said “is it a bad line”?he replied with :
    “respectfully sir,i can understand little of what you say”

    Posh bloody Yank.dosnt he know i speak English two.Aint my fault he doesn’t understandunglish.