Herald playing catch up

TRUTH_Page_1_Jan3David Fisher has taken time out from gazing longingly into Kim Dotcom’s eyes to write an article obviously intended to try to poofinger Truth and our story about David Cullen Bain lying.

Unfortunately for David the paper was delivered yesterday and is?available?in stores now.

What David fails to tell the readers of the Herald is that it wasn’t actually the Herald that obtained the Official Information Act request…it was the Herald on Sunday…and they ran their story about this two Sundays ago?conveniently?ignoring this little bombshell because it didn’t suit their activism on behalf of David Cullen Bain. You will note that the article published two Sundays ago in the Herald on Sunday, editor Bryce Johns implies that Michael Guest said Bain should be paid compensation…when you will see below he says nothing of the sort.

Now we see the Herald on Sunday has passed on their OIA response to the NZ Herald…so much for the chinese walls and editorial?independence?..shattered now…and have published an article 11 days and two Sundays after the Herald on Sunday received their response from the minister’s office.

The Herald on Sunday and now through David Fisher have been caught talking out of both sides of their collective mouths.

You can buy Truth at thousands of outlets nationwide to read the real story…look for the cover pictured right.

Meanwhile here is the full release of documents Truth obtained under the OIA, including a second letter that Michael Guest wrote on the 21 December 2012. AS you can see the claims by Bryce Johns that Michael Guest said that Bain should be paid compensation are a fiction…one the Herald on Sunday was only too ready to peddle to its readers.

In the interests of making sure the Truth is told I am publishing all of the documents.

Truth – OIA response from Justice Minister