Luna The Killer Whale

Luna?(September 19, 1999 ? March 10, 2006) also known as?L98?or?Tsuux’iit, was a?killer whale?(orca) born in?Puget Sound. After being separated from his mother as a toddler, Luna spent five years in?Nootka Sound, off the west coast of?Vancouver Island.


Although Luna was healthy and his presence in the area delighted tourists and drew a large paparazzi, there were concerns that his behavior was endangering people. After years of debate, the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) authorized an effort in June 2004 to capture Luna and return him to his family. However, the plan was ultimately thwarted by theMowachaht/Muchalaht First Nations, who believed Luna was a reincarnation of a former chief. The orca was killed by a tugboat in 2006. -source

At least it wasn’t an incarnation of a Taniwha. Unfortunately for this intelligent creature curiosity was the killer in the end.

One minute Luna was frolicking around the back of a boat, as he did routinely in an attempt to secure the companionship he craved.

The next minute, he was sucked into a tube containing a propeller powered by a 1,700-horsepower engine. It chopped the whale into bits. Until authorities recovered a large piece of the carcass, they were unsure they would even be able to positively identify the creature. – source