Make the same offer to everyone Gareth

Gareth Morgan is offering a $5 donation to the SPCA for every cat killed:

Environmentalist Gareth Morgan has offered to donate $5 to the SPCA for every homeless cat they put down.

Morgan and SPCA executive president Bob Kerridge have been locked in a war of words after the businessman launched the “Cats to Go” campaign last week, labelling cats as “natural-born killers” and calling for local governments to require registration and micro-chipping of cats, and to eradicate unregistered cats.

In a New Zealand Herald opinion piece, Kerridge called for Morgan to “rethink your tactics and join us to bring about a positive solution by encouraging responsible cat ownership”.

“Why not put your money where your busy mouth is and support us by assisting with the funding of desexing and micro-chipping of every domestic cat in the country. That will make a positive difference, and will free up SPCA funding to add to our bird rescue activities,” Kerridge wrote. 

“If you don’t want to do that, and you continue on your ridiculous resolve to be rid of all cats, I can only repeat what I have already said: ‘Butt out of our lives, and don’t deprive us of the beautiful relationship that a cat can provide, individually, and in our families’.”

Morgan should go further, he should offer to pay $5 to each person who kills a feral cat…that would go a long way to easing the burden of ammo costs.

I have a mate who said he’d be able to pay for a fair bit of ammo with the cats he shoot’s for the good of the environment.

Morgan responded to Kerridge on Campbell Live last night.

“Yesterday Bob Kerridge had the audacity to write in the New Zealand Herald to lay down a challenge to me to put my money where my mouth is and give the SPCA some money.

“I’ll do that, Bob. I’ll do it as long as you stop being the society to protect cats and start becoming the SPCA as we all think you are.

“Here’s the condition: You will not release one more cat into the wild in New Zealand. You will only release cats to registered owners who will chip them. If you do that, then for every cat that is turned into an authorised pound and doesn’t satisfy those conditions, so nobody claims (it), and is euthanised, I will give $5 to the SPCA.”

Morgan accused the SPCA of “single-handedly destroying our native species”.

“These people are releasing cats back into the wild – it’s unbelievable.”

The only good cat in the wild is a dead cat.


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  • Annie218

    Gareth’s original statement targeted cats as a way to ‘regain our famous image as clean and green’ for all the obvious economic spin offs. This week alone two tourists have been attacked in a road rage incident and a tourist attacked on Waiheke. It would be great to get rid of feral cats – and dogs, stoats, rats, possums, rabbits, wild goats etc – but how about Gareth spending some air/media time addressing the real issue that affects our image – humans and violence.
    By attacking the SPCA, who do a great job in saving many animals, including native birds, he has got seriously off topic. Shame really because it is now a lost opportunity.

  • Auto_Immune

    Kerridge has responded:

    He rightly points out that there is a difference between a stray cat and a feral cat… and it’s the ferals who are causing most of the native bird damage. Somehow I don’t think Gareth quite grasps the difference.

    • manuka416

      Stray cats and feral cats are the same to me – both a bloody nuisance.The stray cat colonies, to which the SPCA release some cats, should be wiped out.

      • Gazzaw

        As a cat owner manuka I totally agree with you. Domestic cats should be vaccinated, desexed, chipped AND registered with a ‘one-off’ payment. Under normal circumstances I would be totally opposed to a council money grab by way of registration but in this instance it’s a test of the pet owners commitment to their animal. The registration info could be loaded on to the chip to avoid the difficulty of putting a collar on the cat.

    • Gazzaw

      Somehow I don’t think Gareth is grasping anything right now A_I.

    • unitedtribes

      And feral cats are not as common as stray cats. And can grow very big and be mistaken for escaped cheeters ect

  • redeye

    Retrospective? I’m working out my invoice as we speak.

  • Mitch82

    Looks like somebody’s decided that New Zealand needs their very own Donald Trump.

    • Gazzaw

      In which case Donald could refer Gareth to his rugmaker.

  • Honcho

    I did not know the SPCA released unwanted cats into stray cat colonies, nor they continued to feed these strays, after living in an area of auckland with a large stray cat population and absolutely no morning bird song I find this practice by the SPCA completely abhorent.
    This is not what people donate money to the SPCA for.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Gee that’s a deep hole, wonder if he will arrive in China? or if he is still there, I wonder if he will arrive in NZ?
    Keep digging, we will find out soon!

  • Moaning Greasy Flyblow

    Starting to love this guy. Doesn’t give a shit who he offends and the MSM are playing up to it. How long has it been since we have seen oxygen given to a non-PC, ‘tell it like it is’, ‘don’t give a damn’ rich prick? Okay there’s Jones and Laws but who else?

  • worksux

    Its never been explained exactly why cats are not registered, Anyone know why?

  • The best way to kill off all the wild cats is to create a cat fur industry. Cat fur rugs, throws, stuffed cat pencil sharpeners ;) you get the idea.

  • Time For Accountability

    It would be far more productive if GM offered $5 for every rabbit killed.