McCarten thinks John Key cares that a Maori Cult dislike him

Matt McCarten has turned his brain off and written a silly, snarky piece for Herald on Sunday about how unpopular John Key apparently is with the Exclusive Bro-thren’s.

I have called them a cult church and I will repeat it again, they are the Exclusive Bro-thren. Who cares if a bunch of sect Maori like you or not?  They even changed the rules banning women speaking on a Marae when it suited them.  When rules are changed for Metiria Turei to speak you know those extending the pleasure are an extremist bunch of nutters belonging on a list with Destiny Church.

McCarten has gone all whiny again about the sacking of Kate Wilkinson and a guy I have already forgotten. Phil? The guy who John Key  stuck his neck out for before.

Given they only got told about it hours before their dear leader gratuitously humiliated them revealed something ugly in Key’s psychological makeup. 

There is never a time to deliver bad news and in politics McCarten knows as well as anyone that the pre-warn only allows for leaks. Those of us on the right never knew Matt cared so much for the careers of two “privileged” European National Ministers over that of a Maori from a poor upbringing.

Their meek acceptance of humiliation and the ending of their political careers certainly shows Key, like any hunter, knows to pick the weakest members of the herd when it comes to a cull.

And here is where McCarten’s argument falls completely over.

The weakest and most vulnerable member of the herd in 2012 was Hekia Parata. Key saved her. McCarten believes it was because Hekia’s failure is his failure.

His determination to protect Hekia Parata makes sense when we realise he handpicked her straight on to his front bench. Her failure is his failure. Key has covered himself by appointing two competent associate ministers to keep her from screwing up too much. Good luck with that.

But Kate Wilkinson was appointed to cabinet by John Key as well after just one term as a List MP. Parata’s selection as an unsuccessful National candidate pre-dates John Key as Leader to the Brash-English days in 2002.  John Key might have promoted Parata but he also did so with Wilkinson after not much time and he sacked her.

While McCarten needs to change the broken record in his attempt to write so many snarky anti-National columns it causes John Key to suddenly not be the Preferred PM, Damien Grant is a breath of fresh air in HoS outlining the crock of “child poverty” in New Zealand

Compare the cost of your iPhone to your donations to Oxfam. Despite not actually caring, a few want others to think they do. This is why they have a picture of a sponsor child on their $2000 fridge. Most do not even do that.

If we ignore starving African children then there is no moral basis to help relatively well-fed Kiwi kids.


If your parents earn less than $600 a week, you are living in poverty. Not because this is not enough money to live on, but because it is 60 per cent of the median average income, a formula that guarantees poverty.

McCarten should respond to that next week rather than focus on how a Maori cult smoking way too much electric-puha invited their old friend over for a sleep-over on the floor now they come carrying more lollies.


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  • Orange

    Another video for Ratana followers

    • dotcom

      Annie Lenox didn’t look half bad with hair, eh.

      • Orange

        total babe

  • Kiwikea

    Don’t know why he bothers going. 2006 census – only 11% of Maori who said they were religious chose Maori religion such as Ratana. They weren’t going to vote National anyway. Maybe Shearer was looking at land around Ratana to build $300k houses.

    Changing the rules to suit is typical of man made religions.

    • LesleyNZ

      I think 2013 Census due to happen beginning of March – wonder if it will be even less than 11%.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    You call what the Tax Cheat has written as a piece? It is a piece of s**t. The tax cheat is so anti National and John Key, he vomits every week with a crap like this. Time to ignore this crap.

    • Gazzaw

      I can only think that the Horrid employs Unite members and they have put McCarten on the payroll to maintain industrial peace. A few grand a year and it’s all above board would be an easy way out for them.

  • Patrick

    So why does the Herald employ a senior member of Hariwira’s political party? Will he be forced to stand down during the election? Do his articles contan a statement revealing his political party membership etc?

  • dotcom

    As a vote-buying exercise, going to Ratana, is exactly what National should NOT do. Can you imagine how National’s popularity would rise, if John Key announced today.
    “Well, that’s that.
    I’m sick of Ratana.
    Mark 25 January 2013 down in your history books as the last day, that a National leader visited Ratana Pa ever”.


    • Mr Sackunkrak

      I agree. And the same should go for Waitangi Day. Key should just say “Nah, fuck it, I’m sick of the Harawira’s and the rent-a-mob types who always turn up.”

      • dotcom

        Yep, exactly same as you say Mr Sack with Waitangi Day. Or go a step further even and give us a truly National Day, not a Maori National Day. But pigs might fly first.
        Ahh, we can but dream.

        • Dream and try (hey we are in agreement for once Dotcom)

          New Zealand Day and not visiting Ratana

          I could go further dotcom and say time to phase out the Treaty and maybe bring in a new constitution (don’t need to be a republic for that but hey – what ever way the flag blows there)

          • dotcom

            Happy to agree with you on this Ben. I notice that John Ansell is active again on his blog, after a little rest, and for anyone supporting a “one law for all” viewpoint is well worth putting back on your bookmarks.

  • dotcom

    Incidentally, my comments on Matt McCarten pieces are never published. This is the worse evil. We all know where McCarten stands, but the biased selection of comments is the worse problem. Why National supporters would ever support this rag, by actually buying it, is beyond me. Right-wingers, please stop sponsoring this leftist publication. Please cancel your subscription today, and let them know why.

  • Troy

    McCarten has always tried to run the banner of opposition against national any chance he gets, his article lacks thought in a lot of ways, but one thing for sure is that he continues to be the dumbass wanker he always has been. Bbbbbbut for some really stupid reason the NZH continues to allow him to spout BS online – he’s kinda weird in a fucked up way. The NZH never publishes the comments I post – truth hurts.

    • Patrick

      Never publishes my comments either – but they usually include the question on when he intends paying back the PAYE money he stole from the NZ Taxpayer so maybe that is why.

  • Mr_V4

    Matt, paid your taxes yet?

  • Greg

    Yaaa,to quote a great man,”tell some cunt that cares” Matt.

  • meow

    As @Troy says, the Hearald is very selective of which comments they post with Matt’s opinion piece – probably don’t want to hurt his feelings too much.

    It smacks of dishonesty though that they allow him to publish his crap and when they finally allow some comments to filter through 20 hours later they are only a small portion of what’s there – Matt’s feedback used to run to tens of pages, most of it from rabid left wingers.