Media coverage of Kim Dotcom under a teeny tiny microscope

John Drinnan has written an article about media coverage about Kim Dotcom.

He called me about this, and I note that it appears that the Herald sub-editors have probably chopped most of them out since it was mostly about their fanboi attitude to Kim Dotcom…especially David Fisher who is still running the PR lines for him and also the Herald on Sunday journalist who stood up at the Mega launch, intorduced himself and then gushed about how much “they” love Kim.

Peter Griffin is head of the Science Media Centre and is currently in the United States completing a Fulbright-Harkness Fellowship looking at the future of journalism. He says Dotcom has sometimes enjoyed unquestioning coverage.

“I was really surprised at the launch of Mega last week that the journalists didn’t ask about the moral aspects of the Mega business plan,” Griffin says.

The tech community is excited to have someone with an international reputation in their midst and it helps their profile overseas, he says.

South Pacific Pictures chief executive John Barnett says Dotcom has delivered numerous stories such as the John Banks fiasco, and that had coloured the media’s positive approach to him.

Russell Brown at Public Address questioned the moral aspects of the business plan, from the perspective of smaller online publishers.

Brown’s right-wing counterpart – the Government-friendly blogger Cameron Slater of Whale Oil – has attacked media coverage of Dotcom, accusing journalists like TV3’s John Campbell and the Herald’s David Fisher of giving a one-sided view.

Fisher rejects any bias, saying that Dotcom has answered many of the criticisms levelled against him.

Of course Fisher would say that, just look at his twitter feed and the defence of Kim DotCon that he is running, anyone would think he was on an earner.

Kim DotCon is to the internet as Blackbeard was to international shipping. He should be thankful that in most countries they have dispensed with gibbetting pirates. Google, which stands to lose 10% of their revenue along with the revenue of many small website providers, including the NZ Herald and Stuff, when DotCon starts hijacking their ads and stealing revenue aren’t going to even let that begin to happen. Google alone has over $3 billion at risk with which they can deploy countermeasures.

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  • Mr_Blobby

    Come on Whale you really need to get over this one and move on.

    • Timboh

      I disagree. oOmeone needs to show the other side to the story. Dotcom is a convicted fraudster and the dream run he gets from the MSM is an indictment on the standard of journalism.

  • Zephyr Cobalt

    As someone so wisely said, “Come on Whale you really need to get over this one and move on”.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Or achieve fulfillment .

  • Timboh

    Love the flowchart!!!

  • Middleagedwhiteguy

    Ironically Kim Dotcom does bear a resemblance to Peter Griffin

  • Jaffa

    The old MegaUpload site consumed about 50 times NZ’s entire international useage.

    If Mega does the same, our internet speed will suffer greatly.

    • rangitoto

      The servers are not in NZ.

    • Mr_V4

      And people want to read hillybilly county news why?

  • Great stuff Cameron. Nice to see a newspaper editor who is only too happy to help his rivals lift their game!