Mega sprung, same old, same old from the Fat German Crook

The Bin Man has written about the more than 150 copyright complaints laid against Kim Dotcom’s Mega stealing site:

Over the last couple of hours the usual suspects in our tired old media have cut and paste an article from Computerworld. In their efforts they report that Mega has received 150 copyright infringements since its launch. Mega have provided their flunkies at Stuff and the Herald the usual weasel words about how they are doing everything correctly and they have removed any files that are found to be infringing the law.

All good so far.

However, two points that need to be considered. 

1. If Mega is fully encrypted (as an artifice to dodge the rules by the site owners maybe) how can anybody know what is in the supposed infringing files?

2. And by far the single most explosive point to this story is that Computerworld have provided further info that Stuff and the Herald chose to ignore.

If you visit you will see that the whole scheme is just like the old scheme. Mega is a file sharing service to allow you to upload data and share it. There are dozens of listings for copied and copyrighted material that are quite clearly illegal.

If it is all encrypted then how can anyone search and find links? How can Mega claim that they know what is there? Sounds like more bullshit from the fat German crook.

Expect a flurry of defence from David Fisher…he sounds very busy today…probably amking sure he gets the inside running straight from the lawyers…is he embedded there now?



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  • DangerMice

    It’s not actually searching Mega. Rather, people put “stuff” on mega, then add the share link to mega-search, which is what you’re actually searching. Quite how the file you download is any good without the encryption key to decrypt the file, I don’t know. Surprised it took this long for something like mega-search to appear really.

    • Moaning Greasy Flyblow

      He’s a clever bastard but he’s still a crim. The law defines an accomplice as ‘a person who assists in the perpetration of an indictable offence but is not the direct cause of the Actus Reus’

      • Mr_V4

        Plenty of stolen goods pass through the mail/freight system daily, are we going to start arresting truck drivers?

        • parorchestia

          The mail service does not encourage the committing of crimes nor do they assist in concealing crimes. When illegal mail is pointed out to them they offer full cooperation to the proper authorities.
          You have advanced the “Sony” defence. It doesn’t apply to Herr Dot Com, as we shall see.

  • good job, the fat twat will be living under a bridge soon, hopefully in the US

  • Michael

    You have to manually share it. So you grab the URL, which uses a hash to unencrypt your linked file (not all your files) and then add it to the search, so people can download it without logging in.

    So, on the back end side, KimDotCon can claim they can’t see it, they just have to remove the offending links. Which is only slightly different to MegaUpload where everything wasn’t encrypted and files represented “blobs” of data on a distributed file system.

    Lines are blurry though. Dropbox got into some shit not all that long ago when one of their devs confirmed they had access to everything that was encrypted. No surprise really. To maintain this kind of infrastructure, you do need to be able to access it all. The encryption is more to prevent the consumers of mega from seeing everyone’s files.

    I believe he and his team have access to everyone’s files, but no different to dropbox and other service offers.

  • findingnewo

    Are you guys idiots, or did you just not spend five minutes on the site looking for yourself? You HAVE to manually add a link to the file — which includes the hash by the way — so there’s no copyright infringement. The SAME THING could happen to Dropbox.

    • Interesting

      You might also read Megas terms of service, which includes…..

      Your data

      5. If you allow others to access your data (e.g. by, amongst other things, giving them a link to, and a key to decrypt, that data), in addition to them accepting these terms, you are responsible for their actions and omissions while they are using the website and services and you agree to fully indemnify us for any claim, loss, damage, fine, costs (including our legal fees) and other liability if they breach any of these terms.

      6. Our service includes UCE. You should keep your encryption keys safe and confidential and not release them to anyone unless you wish them to have access to your data. If you lose or misplace your encryption keys, you will lose access to your data. We strongly urge you to use robust anti-virus and firewall protection.

    • Two words for you findingnewo; “smoke” and “mirrors”

  • Liberty

    It appears there is a copy of the Hobbit there.
    What a pack of thieving bastards.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Hey I was driving around without a seat belt today and I was also speeding it must be Toyota’s fault.

  • pukakidon

    David Felcher and Clare Curren support the theft of Intellectual Property. Scumbags should line up to steal their property to see how they like it.

  • Troy

    Simple really. This fat cunt is providing the means for would be uses to upload material which they neither own legally, or material that is not legal full stop ie child porn etc. Dotfuck seems to think that that is perfectly ok… well, maybe he is a pedo to begin with and has been so for such a long time that it matters not to him what is legal and what is not. This kraut needs dealing to, and quickly, if not in NZ, but elsewhere. I don’t care who does it but this fuckwit shouldn’t be in NZ and somebody needs to have the balls to kick him out, he should be sitting in isolation in the gulag where he can rot away that excessive fat.

    • Mr_V4

      You know you have no argument when you go straight for the pedo angle.

      • Troy

        Really? Refute it then fucknuckle. I said maybe, not was. Keep up.

        • Mr_V4

          You are the one getting all lathered up, you prove it.

          • Troy

            What an idiot. You posted the comment, what did you expect when you state that someone doesn’t have an argument when an angle is put forth. All will be revealed when he is extradited to the US and placed infront of the Supreme Court. If you really don’t think he doesn’t know what has been uploaded to his servers in the past and what will in the future then you are as naive as you are stupid. You obviously don’t know much about this fat kraut’s past.

          • Mr_V4

            You’re asking someone to prove a negative, well you haven’t cited any evidence to support your original claims.

          • Sew Sumi

            Indeed, but isn’t that how this whole article is? Blatant bashing of someone without evidence? namecalling throughout? Not a single care being given about the real legal ramifications of spouting this tripe and claiming it to be true?

          • Sew Sumi

            Although Troy, you have an issue, and namecalling isn’t going to fix it. validate your claims, or simply gtfo. honestly.

  • Mr_V4

    I thought you worked in a security related field? The reason these sites exist is because users have uploaded files onto Mega and are then sharing the keys for these files on a third party site?
    How is mega responsible for that?

    If you buy a DVD and make copy with DVD making software and then try to give awayfree / sell cheap copies, is the maker of the copying software liable?

  • Shay Collings

    Well if a person posts a public link to a file they have hosted then the Mega staff could download said link and find the contents.

    Geez some people are stupid. Using your logic how would the studios know there was copyrighted material.

    Mega is a New Zealand registered company if they were offering an encryption system that wasn’t encrypted then the Consumer Guarantees Act would strike the down for goods not fit for purpose or misleading advertising.

  • Frank Smith

    Hold on a second… So someone creates a website where people can upload links of content that they have placed themselves on Mega. This site has nothing to do with Mega just a website of links. How is this Megas Problem?

    Did you bother to actually click on any of these links?? I randomly clicked on about 40 last night. None, I say again NONE were valid links.

    Were they ever valid in the first place?

    This morning there are no links at all on the site, just a Spanish message.

    I think you you got a bit sucked in by this. You can’t search Mega, it is encrypted, users themselves are supposedly sharing links to their own content. Or are they because nothing seems valid on the site you posted……

    • Liberty

      We have a Dot.con apologist trying to justify their suspect site .

      It appears the site has had its booty cleansed.

      Or maybe they have turned on their super invisible encryption.

      What ever is going on. It is another Dot.con fail.

      • Frank Smith

        Lol what a joke “Their suspect Site”?

        Actually I’m pretty neutral on this whole thing. I read whaleoil lot and agree with 99% of it. But this story is a bit of a joke.

        I have an IT background and any tech writer or anyone with a bit of IT knowledge would read that story on the Truth and laugh.

        Did they prove that the site was actually linking to the material they say it did? Whats the link back to Mega? Where’s the evidence that Mega created this site? Did the journalist even click on any of the links?

        I could say that WhaleOil created this site as a false claim to Mega breaching copyright. I’ve given about the same amount of evidence in that statement as the truths story. Thats starting a bit of a conspiracy theory right there…

  • Sew Sumi

    Jesus, you obviously don’t have a clue on why megaupload existed in the first place, or have simply chosen to forget to make yet another blog post. I know a lot of modifications for games were lost because of the fbi, and they simply don’t care. Those mods were lost to the winds and it was absolutely unfair of them to have acted in such a way. I hope you realise that all the copyright infringing files that were highlighted were removed. I’d hope you also know that he’s more likely let the concerned groups have monitoring access same as he did with megaupload. I think you should look at what service he’s providing before labeling him as a crook, and opening yourself to a defamation suit, after all, the government failed to deal with him, and couldn’t identify what he really did that was wrong, so what makes you think you can do better?