More on Christchurch’s bludgers

Earlier today I blogged about the fascinating call for more immigrants in Christchurch to fill positions for jobs that remain unfilled despite over 5% unemployment rate in the city.

Stuff has another article about the issue of Christchurch’s bludgers not pulling their weight:

Christchurch baker Diane McPherson has had an “absolute nightmare” trying to find staff for the past four months.

One applicant turned up for an interview in pyjama pants, another was texting during the interview and another flicked her tongue piercing in and out of her mouth and indicated she was not prepared to remove it during work hours.

McPherson, who owns the Brumby’s Bakery and Wendy’s Supa Sundaes stores at the Hub in Hornby, said many others did not return messages inviting them for an interview, or, having been offered a job, failed to turn up for work.

“I’ve had ones from [Work and Income] who just want me to sign a form to say they have been for an interview but don’t want a job through the summer,” she said. 

One applicant for a job at Wendy’s Supa Sundaes decided he did not want the job because he did not want to mop the floors, and another did not want to have to wash dishes.

A 22-year-old applicant for a job at Brumby’s Bakery arrived wearing a T-shirt, flannelette pyjama pants and socks, but no shoes.

“I thought people aren’t going to believe this, but my staff saw him,” McPherson said.

When she queried his choice of outfit, he said: “I’m not working, I’m just looking for work.”

“And I said, ‘To be honest, first impressions really go a long way; that doesn’t really impress me’.

“And he said, ‘Oh, that’s how I am”, and take it or leave it sort of thing.”

It is unacceptable for people on benefits, unless they are unsuited for any work to be turning down jobs, preferring instead to live a lifestyle paid for by the taxpayers.

They are in every sense of the word bludgers. And worse they are having a lend of hard working business owners and taxpayers in Christchurch who are trying to give it a go and are being hamstrung by these indigent wasters.

Time for a clamp-down in Christchurch perhaps?


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  • Time for a clamp down across the country

    • paddles83

      And who is going to do the clamp down

      • David

        Paula Bennett. She has done lots of talking about getting tougher on beneficiaries but to date has done little. It is time for her to do something concrete about this problem or step down and let someone else find solutions.

    • Economist

      Benefit rates are set by an order in council, not by primary legislation.

      The cabinet could set all benefits rates to zero in just one meeting with the GG – and they have these meetings every damn week.

    • Mr_V4

      Problem is this is how governments decide to “crackdown”.

  • David

    What are the case managers at Winz doing? How can a clown turn up for a job interview in pyjamas and expect to be employed. This bludger is taking the piss, free-loading off hard-working New Zealanders. He is too lazy to work and knows that if he makes an unfavourable impression at a job interview he will not be taken seriously and so can remain on the public funded tit. Free-loaders like this should be accompanied to job interviews by their Winz case managers. If they jeopardise their chances of gaining employment by outlandish behaviour, or wearing inappropriate clothing, they should be refused a benefit for 12 months.

    Wake up Paula Bennett and do your job.

    • SJ00

      Yip it should be that simple. Either do random sitting in on interviews (even better if the case manager isn’t visible and filming the interview) and if you throw the interview, thats it. No benefit. I doubt there would be anyone here that would prefer to be at work over sitting around doing nothing, but we get up everyday and do it. They should be allowed to choose not to work and we should be allowed to choose not to pay them a benefit.

      • Ronnie Chow

        Just for reference…..

        Unemployment Rate in Thailand decreased to 0.56 percent in October of 2012

    • Dave

      The case managers do a damn good job overall, but some leave well, a lot to be desired. Not an easy job taking someone who doesn’t want to work and transforming them into a good employee. They need tough penalties, i.e., “you have not demonstrated you are ready for work/trying hard enough/turned down a job shoveling shit in the snow etc, your benefit has been cancelled for 6 weeks, when your cold and hungry, I am confident you will find work.

      • David

        I’ll have to take your word that case managers do a good job because I’ve never been in a Winz office. Frankly, I’m dubious about your claim but we’ll leave it at that for now. Six weeks is not a tough penalty. Most bludgers know their way around the system and would get an emergency benefit to tide them over for six weeks.

        Penalties need to be much tougher than what you expound. Job seekers should be given the choice of three jobs. If they turn them down, or stuff up their chances by turning up in pyjamas, they should lose the benefit for 12 months minimum.

        • Dave

          David. I have never been in a WINZ office either, but we worked with WINZ to take people off the dole, which is where i met some. By no dole for 6 weeks, i mean nothing, no supplements, housing allowances, nout, nothing, zip.

          • David

            Six weeks suspension of dole is not enough. If someone doesn’t want to work why should honest, hardworking taxpayers support him. This bludger is a parasite. If he doesn’t want to contribute and pay his way in society why should we support him.

    • AnonWgtn

      Prick does not want to be employed he is only doing his Jobs quota so he can go back on the dole. Nothing new in this, been going on for years under all recent Governments

  • cows4me

    A while back I was listening to talk back in the US and a caller was talking about welfare. It seems there is a country somewhere, sorry can’t remember where, where every citizen when born or naturalised is allotted 18 months welfare over their entire lives. They can use this welfare anytime over the age of eighteen years. If you lose your job you may wish to use 2 to 3 months before finding another job or you may wish to sit on the beach for six months but whatever one chooses they know they only get 18 months then it’s all over. The welfare is set to the median wage at the time one takes it. If you never take your 18 months or just part of, the rest is paid out when you get the pension. They do have a system that pays out to those who can’t work due to medical reasons but this is extremely tough to get and the payments are much lower then the unemployment benefit. I believe a system like this needs to be put in place where people know what they are entitled to and no more. We now have inter generational welfare, we have to kill off the mindset of unlimited welfare.

    • spollyike

      Awesome idea, isn’t it. Problem is which political party in NZ would introduce such a system, probably only the conservatives or act, but how will they ever get into that position of power. I wish they could though.

      • cows4me

        Well spollyike you can guarantee the socialists wouldn’t have a bar of it, there goes the voter base. But like it or not something has to be done. How the politicians continue down the path we are following, it is simply treasonous. We have to try something, if not blood will run in the streets and no political party will be able to halt it.

    • Economist

      Why the fuck should I pay 18 months? or 18 days??

      • Mr_V4

        I think there is a real reason to have some unemployment benefit, social insurance, insurance for retraining.

        Lets face it job industries change overtime. If you happened to be a specialised blacksmith, fitting horseshoes for example, then along comes the motorcar, a technological factor, suddenly you are out of work and need to obtain new skills for other jobs. Many examples over history.

        There needs to be an effective way to transition. I agree a money for nothing benefit does not provide the right incentives, but there should be someway of tranistioning labour force skills to other areas of employment. The thing with technology is that you don’t necessarily know which areas are to be affected next, you really only have hindsight for that.

        Perversely government jobs are largely protected from this dynamic as usually employee numbers are cut over a long period of time (if at all).

  • In Vino Veritas

    Perhaps Diane should have taken pictures and sent them to WINZ as proof of the state of these creatures. Don’t want a job through summer? Try paying your way without a benefit then.

  • Grizz30

    People who take the piss in job interviews just so they can keep on drawing the benefit should have their benefits stopped. End of story. The should be reminded that it is a hand up, not a hand out and if you abuse the kind nature of taxpayers, you should have it taken away. If you decide that you are above making a living then do not expect the state to provide a living for you.

    • Economist

      Permanently. Benefits stopped permanently, and for a lifetime.

      even better, we could stop benefits permanently, for a lifetime, for the other bludgers too

  • Jaffa

    Have a Government job, clearing gorse and blackberry off public parks,as a backup for failed job applicants.
    No dole, just guaranteed paid work, for the minimum pay, (I don’t want to appear mean.)

    • Hazards001

      What about all the contractors and their staff already doing that work?

      • Economist

        Well it’s still not real jobs, they moneys coming out of my damn taxes.

        How about – clearing gorse, building roads, etc, in exchange for food & lodging? Worked for John Mulgan, would work for bludgers today

        • Hazards001

          Building roads isnt real work? I’ve built tens of Km’s of roads here and overseas along with a runway in Afghanistan and numerous other things. Of course some of ones overseas were toll roads. Only one here is. I take it sitting in an office with your head up your arse ripping people off of their hard earned savings is real work then?

  • Ronnie Chow

    Well , there sure is a motley crew staffing WINZ here in Wellington . Funny thing is , when I went to pay my vehicle tax in Japan recently , they had a motley crew as well .

    Could it be that our staffers are just too soft and forgiving , too easily intimidated ?

    The long term bludgers are very good at getting their way .
    Might be time for a special ‘ Tough Love’ section for any beneficiary over 6 months out of work .

    • Mr_Blobby

      How about a cap on unemployment 6 months for your entire working life. Once you have had your 6 months you are on your own eating at a soup kitchen.

      • Economist

        How about 0 months? 0 months dole, deb, super.

        How about instead of a “soup kitchen” you starve in the gutter

  • RightOfGenghis

    Pajama Man might be bone lazy but he’s no fool. Take his benefit and he and his mates will simply switch to sickness or invalids. Only a hunch but I suspect these tend to rise and fall in inverse proportion to the unemployment rate

    • Mr_Blobby

      I do struggle when I think of how we have become a nation of retards, 100’s of thousands.

      • Hazards001

        100’s of 1000’s or Hundreds of Thousands? Make up your mind.

    • Economist

      Stop all the benefits & let em choose: work or the gutter.

  • thor42

    I agree with David.

    Lazy pricks like the guy who turned up in pyjamas just KNOW that (at the moment) their dole will be untouched, no matter what they look like at an interview. So, not surprisingly, they go out of their way to not get the job.

    It should be *compulsory* for employers interviewing dole-bludgers to report back to WINZ after the interview.

    A phone-call is all that’s needed. “Mr Plonker showed up in pyjamas and didn’t want to work.”

    THAT would get these bastards’ benefits cancelled quick-smart.

    Are there any WINZ people out there? Care to comment on what on earth is being done about lazy buggers like those mentioned? ( Nothing, I suspect…. )

    • “THAT would get these bastards’ benefits cancelled quick-smart.”

      No it wouldn’t. The whole idea of welfare is to take from the good and give to the bad.

    • Mr_Blobby

      What a dreamer if you do get a reply it will be political double speak that says exactly nothing.

  • We’ve been hearing this for decades. It’s no surprise. ABOLISH the welfare state, or continue moaning.

  • Social bludgers are almost the majority, so don’t expect National to do anything about it. Pushing up the minimum wage makes no effect, as the benefit pays way too much. The problem? Parents, not installing the work ethic. I know 16-19 yo’s who refuse to work, who’s parents have booted them out of home, for these youths to simply go out on their own, flat/rent and spend most of the day drunk on their butts, all paid by you and me.

    My solution is embarking on a self-sufficient program. I have bought a 8ha property, with the intention of providing enough food & vegetables to live an organic, raw-food diet – and essentially finish working PAYE and stop paying for these dopes.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Well put you are not the only one who objects to paying TAX to fund others life choices. The only answer, for individuals, is to reduce your own TAX profile by living on less.Every $1 you don’t spend is a $1.50 you don’t have to earn.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      Haha! You still have rates to pay!

      Gotta get resource consent to use a shovel too, doncha know!

      But seriously, I hope more people follow suit. Isn’t it ironic, that the Greens need more tax money to give away but most of their supporters live off the land, selling dope and paying no tax?

    • Economist

      The problem? Parents, not installing the work ethic

      Fuck that. that’s almost a commie excuse. The real problem – paying a dole. Stop that and it doesn’t matter what the parents do or don’t do.

      It’s “surprising” what a few days starving in a gutter will do – changing what jobs people will take and where they’re prepared to live.

      • Mr_V4

        It has to be said though, how many who complain about welfare, at the same time are ‘entitled’ to ‘bludging for families’ and a whole host of other govt subsidies?

  • Hazards001

    I live and go where ever the work is. I’ve worked in the biggest most dangerous shitholes in the world. I’ll probably never go back to my original home ( it is in NZ) and really don’t care, home is what you make of it.
    A couple of years ago when out of work due to the GFC I looked at CHCH and I’d go there in a heartbeat if I had too even though I’d be leaving my kids behind.
    I’m tired of people living off me and my taxes when I’ve never bludged a cent off anyone and have taken on anything to make an honest dollar when things got tough.
    Move the fuckers out of the pisspot towns and down to CHCH. No immigrants and no dole until all the able bodied unemployed are earning a crust. Min wage is not slavery, it’s a foot in the door to a better life!

    • Mr_V4

      “Move the fuckers out of the pisspot towns and down to CHCH”
      Yes this does highlight the issue of benefit towns in NZ, where people live but there is unlikely to ever be sufficient employment. Paradoxically if you removed the benefits you’ll probably get further unemployment in these places. Shows how dependant small town economies can become to indirect govt largess.