More on Slowly Sinking Tabloid and their crap reporting

The tip line has been running hot since the post earlier about Lucy Craymer and Charles Anderson running a hate campaign against the New Zealand agriculture sector.

Food Industry Asia has now sent a broadcast email with a link to my post slamming the irresponsible reporting by Lucy Craymer and the repeating by Fairfax’s Charles Anderson,

According to the latest media reports in China “the New Zealand ‘poisoning threat’ is threatening to jeopardize the Chinese New Year celebrations across Asia because of the potential contamination of thousands of tons of bakery products may be at risk”.

MPI issued a media release yesterday assuring all consumers that all New Zealand dairy products are safe even providing a Chinese translation.


So Lucy Craymer, your use of the word “toxic” which translates into poison in Chinese, is now causing consumers to question New Zealand’s products. China’s state-run Xinhau media agency is running an article New Zealand Milk scare pinches Chinese consumers.


Lucy Craymer and her repeater at Fairfax Charles Anderson may also like to hear some feedback from the tipline about their reporting/repeating.

image003 Or this


Maybe an apology from Lucy Craymer might start repairing the damage she’s inflicted on NZ, but will we see one?


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  • Gazzaw

    One would have to assume that Fonterra’s legal team are already checking out their options.

    • parorchestia

      I doubt if they will pursue her because of the negative results: “Dairy giant persecutes poor young journo,” would spread through the Green lobby.
      We need an independent body dedicate to the trust to blast these irresponsible, fact avoiding idiots. Press Council? (Rolls over laughing.)

  • LionKing

    Good advice for Lucy Craymer – apologise for fucking this up so rightly. You’ve stepped past the bounds of any sort of good journalism, and now need to take responsibility for potentially destroying New Zealand’s market in China. Time to repair the damage you and your drinking buddy Charles have done.

  • Hillary Green

    Oh my, one silly comment from a young girl and our country’s reputation is at risk in our largest market. I just feel for all those Kiwi exporters who have been trying to build a business in China and now have to answer questions about whether NZ products will poison their children. This is not good enough Lucy.

  • DLM

    FFS nice one Lucy Craymer. Irresponsible repeating from Charlie. No wonder people are getting better informed online than reading the shit in the SST. Looks like they don’t care about the impact of their stories.

  • thor42

    So, dear Watermelons……

    You keep on bitching about “greenhouse gas emissions”.

    A few farmers take that on board and spray their pasture with this stuff that supposedly reduces them.

    Now you get all antsy about the fucking “residue”.

    ***Make up your fucking minds!***

    • Bob

      The only solution the green Eco terrorists are interested in is one where 90% of cows are killed and the earths population is halved, bunch of useless self indulgent w*****s!

  • GregM

    This really pisses me off. A junior “reporter” can spout an uninformed and factually incorrect piece of piffle which could demolish on of our biggest export earners. It’s fucking treason in my opinion. Did she bother to “report” that less than 10% of farmers use it, and only because of pressure from dickhead watermelons? No? I thought not.
    I hope Fonterra and others do the bitch for defamation at the very least.

  • LabTested

    WO. How about posting a photo of Charles Anderson as well, so we all know what he looks like

  • LesleyNZ

    Didn’t know who Lucy Craymer was before this. Thought at first she was just a greeny activist with The Greens. She should be ashamed of herself scaremongering and misinforming the public and those overseas. How on earth did she get a job with the Wall St Journal – especially so when I read this. (see photo).She is another one in media wooed by Dotcon. If our exports in milk are affected by what she and Charles Anderson have done then they will be held accountable for this. Lucy Craymer and Charles Anderson must correct their misinformation asap and apologise to us NZers for their scaremongering.

  • Bob

    These two stupid bitches have made my shit list forever, if I ever come across them they won’t be doing any work for anything I am ever involved in and hope they get blackballed by every company. This sort of economic terrorism should be an offense punishable by lengthy terms of imprisonment and if it was upto me I’d be issuing warrants for their arrest. Stupid f****** c****!