Music, Art and Cars. Is there anything better than this?

A reader emails:

Cam, look at what the beautiful people are doing in the international community. Combining empowering music with the art of design – by Aston Martin, a 16 star hotel and a helicopter.

It’s embarrassing seeing something so 100% Beautiful, when we talk about 100% pure.

Cam, this is NSFB (Not Suitable for Bureaucrats). Real men in Auckland are openly weeping at this beauty, but I fear the Wellingtonian fun police will tsk tsk.

Please, I beg you Cam, only publish this in your Auckland Whaleoil Blog. 

Transferring vehicles in the air by helicopter for promotional purposes is nothing new in the world of exotic luxury and sports car brands, as we’ve seen it being done many times in the past (see how LamborghiniFerrari and Bentley did it by clicking the respective links).

Nevertheless, Aston Martin can lay claim to being the first to place a car onto the helipad of the world famous ‘Burj Al Arab’ hotel in Dubai, which sits 1,000ft above the ground at the top of the sail-shaped building, as part of its ongoing celebrations for its 100th birthday.

The car Aston Martin landed on the helipad is the brand’s current flagship coupe, the new 2013 Vanquish.


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