Nailing Coyotes and other shooting news

This is a great video about coyote hunting:

On this week’s show, we’ve come to America for coyote hunting, world record big game hunting, and the Shot Show 2013, the greatest gun show on the planet. Charlie Jacoby is after coyotes in California, the varmint of choice for the self-respecting American rifleman. We talk to Jason Bruce, star of Headhunter Chronicles on Sportsman Channel, about his world record big game heads. And we are reviewing useful and even useless new kit at the Shot Shot, and getting to try it out on a rifle range deep in the Nevada desert. 


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  • Tom

    That Savage .17 is a really pretty rifle

  • LabTested

    I hunt in Saskatchewan Canada. At night you hear packs of coyotes kicking off. Locals keep a dog called a Great Prynees to keep them off the stock. After any deer kill you always get a coyote coming around, often even before you gut the deer. They are afraid of nothing particularly when it is below zero and they are hungry. There are a couple of videos on YouTube of coyotes having a go at people, but I can’t link them as I am on the tablet.

    Locals in Canada I hunt with say the best Red Neck fun is to wait until there is a meter of snow on the ground and go run them down on snow mobiles

    • Andrewj

      Yes you are onto it , I’ve slept at night while a Great Prynee chews on a coyote in Alberta. They are great shooting at long range with a 22-250. Now I live in California I need to focus on bigger game. Amazing how a dog can beat a pack of Coyotes, unfortunately they don’t live long and they sleep outside all year even at the weathers worst. Alberta is getting a lot more game or at least up north, they have Cats now and a lot more of everything including Wolves, worth going to for a hunt.

      I went into Shooters Warehouse yesterday and they are almost out of guns, no 9mm, .40, .45 no .223 ammo out of all pistols except a few revolvers. AR15 or any semi sold out,the shelves were empty of most ammo and the whole town is the same. We have a competition shoot next week which may be cancelled due to shortage of 9mm ammo. Most ammo is now rationed to 2 boxes each.