Nash going all in on Key

Stuart Nash is making a bold prediction on John Key:

I will go out on a limb and predict that John Key will not lead the National party into the next election.  I have thought this for a number of months now, however, the events of last week, with Key fainting in a Christchurch restaurant, have reinforced that belief.  We all know Key doesn’t need the money, and who could blame him for leaving the most stressful job in the country to spend more time ‘at home with his family’.

There is a reasonable amount of speculation floating around on this…some of it might have credence…but is mostly wild speculation.

I even have heard that the reason Key went to Antarctica and attempted to go to the South Pole was to tick off his bucket list of things to do while PM. Clark certainly made a couple of trip to Antarctica in her time, which was a shameless photo op with Sir Edmund Hillary before he died. The more wild speculation too is that his failure to get to the pole meant he came back and changed his re-shuffle plans to be more bold so he could have a crack at 2014 rather than just watching the clock wind down.

Nash though has other reasonings: 

Key has beaten Labour legend Helen Clark and senior Labour member Phil Goff.  He has nothing else to prove; and in fact to lose to a relative novice like Shearer would, in his mind, reduce him to a level of mediocrity (and the chances of this happening will increase significantly as the election draws near).

Very few Prime Ministers get to determine the time and nature of their departure from office.  Most are either voted out (Clark, Shipley, Muldoon, Rowling, Marshall and Nash), stabbed in the back by their own caucus (Bolger and Moore) or leave in a box (Savage, Fraser and Kirk).  Only Lange and Holyoake immediately come to mind as PMs who resigned without being pushed – and Holyoake did, in fact, lose the 1957 election as PM.  Palmer also left of his own volition, but he was really an ill-suited caretaker, despite being one of the most intelligent men ever to enter politics.

Thos are valid reasons, his next one if fanciful:

Likewise, Key is a man who changed the law so that he gained the title ‘Right Honourable’ for the rest of his life.  He is currently the only person in NZ to have this title.  All other politicians who have this honorific (Winston Peters for example) do so because they were appointed to the Privy Council.  When the current monarch dies, they revert back to being simply ‘Honourable’ (like every other cabinet minister).  If Key believes there is a chance Labour will once again remove the titles system – although they have not said they will – he would, in my opinion, rather retire as the Right Honourable Sir John Key than risk losing and remaining simply John.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he received a knighthood in the 2014 New Years honours list.

The rest of the post is a rather hopeful defence of his good mate David Shearer…who is as doomed today as he was the moment he started in the job.


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  • Pete George

    “in fact to lose to a relative novice like Shearer would, in his mind,
    reduce him to a level of mediocrity”
    It may be unintentional but that doesn’t sound very complimentary about Shearer.

    • Apolonia

      Are Nash and Shearer talking, I thought they had a problem over mould.

  • Gee

    Mostly fanciful illogical bullshit.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Nash = Shearer’s hype boy? Generate enough hype… and maybe someone, somewhere, somehow will start to believe it.

    Maybe he also wants to start calling Shearer “Emperor” and offer him some new clothes too?

  • Troy

    Like many Labour MP’s (incl ex-MPs) they say anything to get their name out onto the net or into print media – Nash is no different to that bitch Ardern who is a regular offender of this.

  • tarkwin

    If you were any good Stuart, you could spout out Saturday’s Lotto numbers. Failing that you just look like a boring twat trying to be noticed.

  • Dave

    So John Key is the only person in NZ to have that title. Fails to mention Lockwood Smith has it, the Governor-General has it, both from the 2010 change. And of course more people will get that title over time when there is a new Prime Minister/Speaker/Governor-General/Chief Justice. But I forgot, it’s only for John Key, right? And the thing about losing the title upon death of the monarch has not been the case for over a hundred years I believe. Just lies. But I wouldn’t expect anything less.

  • cows4me

    “He has nothing else to prove”, oh pigs arse. Hasn’t proved a lot yet. I would agree if he had started to destroy all the bullshit dropped on us from a great height by the Marxist’s witches.

  • Phar Lap

    What the FU*K is Nash on about,i recall he didnt even make it back to Parliament in the 2011 election.Seems like the furtive little feral Campbell ,from TV3 he suffers from a bout of eating mad dog shit.

  • Gazzaw

    Don’t you think that if there was any credence at all to Nash’ wild theories that the likes of Soper and the Horrid would be speculating from the rooftops to give it some traction? I call ‘BULLSHIT’.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Here is a guess what will happen.
    JK will resign as PM in June or thereabouts and Nat will get a new PM and JK will not stand in the 2014 election

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Every word Sir Nash has written is true. Sheep has a video to prove that